Monday, April 4, 2011

Product Review: Etude House VIPgirl Petite Darling Nails GR605

Okay, shoot me, I didn't exactly know the complete name of this variant when I pulled it off the shelf, all I knew was the color is cute and is perfect for summer :D. This is my very first time trying Etude House's nail polish and I was so excited to try it out since I really loved their eye primer.

Etude House VIPgirl Petite Darling Nails GR605
Price: P48 (approx. $1)
Place bought: Etude House SM Megamall

This color is really pretty and instantly caught my eye from afar. It is a cross of a minty/jade green which is very cool on the eyes. First thing to test is its pigmentation. First, I applied a base coat to protect my nails and create a barrier. Then I applied the first coat of nail polish.

Upon applying the first coat, you can already see that it has almost covered the nails underneath which is pretty good because you should be alright with two coats of nail polish nothing more. When the first coat dried, I applied a second one.

Nails completely covered! I'm really liking this nail polish. :D

  • Very pigmented. So you can be sure that the color you see on the bottle is the color you will see on your nails.
  • Quick drying. It dries quickly so you won't have to wait a long time before applying the second coat which I really appreciate cause I'm just too anxious! :D
  • It dries evenly making you worry less of bubbles forming. (Just make sure you paint your nails layer by layer, not one big blob all together!)
  • Affordable.
  • Cute packaging.
  • The brush fits just right and fans out wide enough to cover almost the entire nail bed.
  • Glossy finish which I like. You could even skip your regular top coat if you wish.
  • They don't label their nail polishes by names only by letters and numbers which makes it very difficult to distinguish.

Well, that's about the only con I could think about at the moment for I'm completely liking this nail polish. I haven't tried the other one I purchased but I'm already planning to go back and buy some more...hmmmm...I wonder if they have this in a lemon yellow shade that I would love to try! Have you also tried Etude House's Nail polish? which shade will you recommend?

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