Monday, October 5, 2015


Hi fellow curious cats! haven't been here for a while but here is one topic I'd like share with you. Manners/etiquette. As Filipinos, would you say that people are slowly forgetting about this simple thing? Say for instance, the very popular tradition of videoke. I know, I know, celebrations would not be complete without the notorious karaoke machine. Especially when these are readily available for rent any time of the day. Filipinos love to sing and there's nothing like unlimited singing to get the party started. That's okay though, until the clock strikes 12am.
I remember when my dad was still alive and when we would have gatherings at our house, videoke was very much his thing. In fact, I've memorized his repertoire, which never failed to be sung :)
But when 12:00 am would roll by, he would always remind us to keep the volume down so as not to disturb the neighbors who should be resting around that time. That has stuck with me and I think make sense if you actually respect other people and is not an insensitive fool.
Yes, oh yes. The loudest and most annoying road vigil we are all too familiar with.

Lately, I don't see this happening. People, even way past midnight is still singing at the top of their lungs (most not even in the best and audible way) not caring if they are disturbing the neighborhood. Believe me, I have neighbors like this. Thank you guys for inspiring to write this post (Ha!). Which made me think, aren't parents teaching their kids basic etiquette anymore? And if this continues, what would become of our society? Seriously, learning starts from the home, our parents, their lessons. We might have tune them out when they were throwing their litany at us, but our subconscious is keeping these gems and would later influence us and would play a major role on what kind of person we'll grow into in the future. This is rather alarming that something as simple as turning down the volume of your videoke machines is already a thing of the past. I just hope that if you are planning to bear a child, also bear the responsibility of teaching that child manners and sensitivity to their environment, most of all, respect for other people.

Do you have the same experience guys? Do share with us on the comments below!