Sunday, April 17, 2011

Cat on the Loose: Clinique Party Part Deux! :D

Due to the major success of Project Vanity's first Clinique Party, a second one had to be done.  I was one of the readers who were kicking themselves for not being able to come to the first one and practically hounded Liz's blog for any news of a part two! Hahaha...

Anyways, this was my first time attending one of Liz's events (though I've already met her before when I won one of her giveaways) and I was pretty excited. Just like the first one, it was held at the Clinique counter inside Rustan's Makati.  I could vaguely recall my first encounter with the brand back in college when my tita would send over lipsticks from overseas. Back then, I wasn't much into makeup yet so I rarely pay attention to the brand but I remember I would use it everyday until the tube ran out. So coming to this event was more of a proper re-introduction for me to Clinique :D

Clinique's 3-Step System

Each of us were first treated to a skin consultation to determine our skin types and which Clinique products would best suit to target our concerns.

The consultant assigned to me was Ms. Malou Gagarin, which in my opinion, was pretty and very nice (too bad I was not able to take a picture with her as I was too pre-occupied with her skin questions :>). I battled really bad skincare habits way back and is practically paying for it now. My main concern was oiliness and aging especially around the eye area. Clinique will help you customize a 3-Step skin care system to help you target your skin concerns by first helping you classify which skin type you fall in. Skin type 1 is classified as very dry, Skin type 2 is for dry combination skin, Skin type 3 is for combination oily and Skin type 4 is oily.  I was really expecting to be a number 4 (wouldn't it have been cooler if I could say in a very cinematic voice "I am number 4" and possess some cool powers hahaha...but that's for another topic :D) but I was surprised when Ms. Malou told me that I have Combination oily skin. She reccomended the Liquid Facial soap oily skin formula, clarifying lotion no. 3, and the dramatically different moisturizing gel to be used accordingly in that order. Then I asked her what would she recommend for the lines around my eyes and she recommended the Repairwear intensive eye cream. After my consultation, she gave me samples of these products to try at home. These are the samples I got:

Then we were treated to a makeover session by their professional makeup artists.

My MUA for the day was Ms. Vannie (That's her btw, her back to the camera working on a fellow reader). She taught me a couple of makeup tips especially when grooming my eyebrows. She did the whole shebang: eyeshadow, blush, and lipstick, something I've never done before. Usually I'd do my eyes and lips only no blush or the lips and blush only but never the whole face so this was something new for me. One thing I really liked though was the lipstick she used on me which I think is in Berry Blush. I found myself having soft lips even after I was on the ride home already it was very moisturizing I might have to come back soon to buy me a tube of that  lipstick :D

Wands are for wizards, for MUAs, these are their ultimate weapon! :D

Liz and a "made up" version of me..haha!! :D

Yummy snacks we're also served at the event from Bizu. My favorites were the carrot cake, cheesecake, and the salmon canape ;D

Another best thing about Clinique party is that I had the opportunity to meet other beauty afficionados from different walks of life all bound together by our love for kikay stuff. The girls were all so beautiful and looked so put together. I have to admit, I was never the big fashionista but I'm getting there hehehe... Everyone was wearing cute shoes to match and with heels! I felt like such a midget with my flats. :D

I also recognized Ms. Mara David from Avon whom I had the pleasure of meeting when I won Avon's UMR Lipstick contest :D

All in all I really had a blast. Thank you to Ms. Liz Lanuzo of Project Vanity for giving another set of her readers a chance to experience this brand and to Clinique's Marketing Manager Ms. Mira for giving us girls a fun time! What can I say, GIRLS+BEAUTY+FOOD=GREAT TIME! :D


  1. Hallo! Just dropped by to check out your site. Nice to have met you during the event. I also have a photo of you being made up. Heeh. :D

  2. Hi Angeli! Bilis mo magpost! :) Don't worry, I paid din for wearing heels, sakit din ng paa ko paguwi after hours of standing in them. Haha! It was really nice meeting you. :)

  3. Hi Bea!Thanks for dropping by :D Also a pleasure to have met you there. Talaga? were you able to post na? I'll check it out :D

  4. Kari!What time ka na nasundo?hehe..I needed to go ahead and post now na habang weekend and while everything's still fresh baka d ko na sya magawa.. :D Had a blast meeting new people all you girls were ao sweet and nice! :D

  5. Hi, Angeli! I was wearing flats too, pero carry na rin, it was fun going around comfy. :)

  6. Ae! OO nga pla no? I just felt like everyone was towering over me ang liit ko! was nice meeting you there you were the first one I think I felt comfortable chatting with :D Hope to see you again!

  7. haha. Hi Angeli! I was wearing flats din. LOL. Apir!

  8. see, I didn't notice since I was having such a great time.. :D