Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Product Review: Suesh eyeshadow Travel Brush

Hmmmm...what's in the bag? I guess the title of this post was a dead giveaway already. Just this year I've taken up interest in applying eyeshadows. Although I don't usually apply them goin' out everyday, I'd experiment at home from natural to glamour ones. I just had one major problem..I did not own a single eyeshadow brush. When brushes are concerned, there's one brand that immediately pops into my mind--Suesh. I've bought a lip brush from them last year and I absolutely loved it. I guess brushes are their specialty so whenever I'm looking into buying a makeup brush I always consider this brand simply because it performs and is reasonably priced.

Suesh Eyeshadow Travel brush
Price: P200 (approx. $5) + shipping fee
Place bought: Online through http://suesh.multiply.com

Length: 108 mm
Hair: Premium Goat
Handle: Birch wood in Off White

To show you it's actual size, it can actually fit in the palm of my hand! :D

The bristles are so soft..
and because this is made from natural hair, I wanted to see if it could pick up a good amount of makeup (natural hairs are known to pick up more color than synthetic ones) and it did not fail me.

Now for the cons. I did however find that the hairs of the brush could get easily stained just because they are white. Same goes for the handle I'm afraid it may become yellowish through time (but that I still have yet to see).

Also, when I washed the brush for the first time, there were some unruly hairs that stuck out as I tried to shape the bristles to retain its form while drying.

One single hair fell out when I washed it the first time and none for the succeeding washes which impressed me so much. All in all, the cons for me were only minimal and is tolerable. As I love brushes that are easy to tote around and does not take so much space, this is a winner for me! I'm already planning on buying the rest from their travel line but then I wanted to try the 5-piece brush set...hmmm...still contemplating. :D So what is your favorite eyeshadow brush? Please do share it with us!

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