Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Product Review: Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer

Ever since I took interest on applying my eyeshadow I wanted an eye primer to go with it that does not break the bank. Every blog I read they are all raving about the UD primer potion but when I went searching for it online I almost fainted by how much it costs! I know, those who are fans of this primer will tell me it's worth every penny. I'm not arguing with you here heck, I'd make this my HG eye primer too if the world is not in recession.. :D The price for me is just too much. I had to find an alternative that comes close to the primer potion in terms of performance but would not cost me my arm. I did some research and came upon Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer. I've read great reviews on this on other blogs and since Etude House is already very much accessible here in the Philippines (no more online purchase and shipping fees!), I decided to try it out. I first went to their SM Makati branch only to find out they don't have the primer there so, I went home that day disappointed :( But, since I really have my heart set on it, I decided to go all the way to their store at SM Megamall to try my luck. This must be one of their bestsellers because when I got there, there are only a few boxes on display so I quickly grab on to one.

Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer
Price: P298 (approx. $7)
Place bought: Etude House store SM Megamall
(they also have other branches check out their website for store listings

So, before I start my review, what exactly is an eye primer? Well basically cosmetic primers are what you apply to the skin to prepare it for a smooth makeup application. It could also help your makeup stays on much longer and help you achieve a flawless appearance. Eye primers, which in this case, helps even out the color of your eyeshadow and make it more vibrant. Putting on eye primer prior eyeshadow application could also prevent it from creasing and keeps it on longer. It is very important to choose the right primer that will for you and your skin type. In my case, I have very oily skin same goes with my eyelids. I have reviewed here before the K-Palette eyeliner pen with less than great results you could read the review here. Today, I'm going to test it out again but this time applying the Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer beforehand.
(Warning: you might feel nauseous from staring too much into my eye..haha!)

The primer has a built in applicator so make sure you don't share the applicator for hygienic purposes.

I just dab a bit of the product on to my lids (Make sure not to tug so much as the eye area is very sensitive and to prevent future wrinkles!). Then let it set for a while.

Then I lined my upper lash line with the K-Palette eyeliner pen. I applied this at 5:10 in the afternoon.

I also lined a bit of my lower lash line to see if it would also control this from smudging.

I took a picture again at 8:24 in the evening. I expected it to completely flake because I really have oily lids but what I got is just a minuscule creasing on the inner eye area.
Before washing my face and going to bed, I took another picture. A little flaking on the inner corner of my lid but the line is still visible and intact!
And the line on my lower lash line showed just a bit of smudging.

If you're gonna compare this to my review before without the primer, after just an hour, this eyeliner has already flaked on me but using the Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer, it stayed on up to more than 6 hours! Wow I'm truly impressed! :D

Using this primer under eyeshadow, you'll notice that the color is more vibrant and when I tested it on my eyelids, it even made the eyeshadow waterproof!

w/o flash

w/ flash

I am truly impressed with this product and will definitely buy more once this bottle runs out. But like any other products in the market, this may not work for other people so I'm glad it worked for me because now I have a reliable eye primer that I can easily purchase without burning a hole in my pocket!

So what's your favorite eye primer? Do share it with us! :D

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