Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Product Review: EYEBROW KITS --> Part 1 : E.L.F. Studio Eyebrow Kit (Light)

Hey there!! Another week has passed and I've been obsessing about my eyebrows just these past few weeks. I remember way back in college I used to fill in my eyebrows with black eyeliner pencil thinking that the color you should use has to be the same color as your hair which is black for most Filipinas. Only then when it was time to have our yearbook photo taken that the MUA (Make Up Artist) told me that the eyebrow color should be 2 shades lighter than the natural hair color (for dark hair, for lighter haired people it works the opposite way). So this information has been stored at the back of my mind for the longest time but never have gotten to follow it. I tried filling them in with brown color but the natural hairs would always be evident and I hated my eyebrow shape on my right eye basically because I have overplucked that area and it never grew back the same way..(though still hoping I could find a great eyebrow grower!). So, the late bloomer that I am, finally gave the brows some attention. I've been reading on blogs lately about these new eyebrow kits wherein everything you need for shaping and grooming your eyebrows are compacted into one small package-Cool! But of course, it's not wise to spend so much on branded kits so, I searched for the more budget-friendly versions of these babies.
I've been browsing the E.L.F. kiosk for the longest time and have seen the studio line eyebrow kit but never thought of trying it out because I was not obsessed about my brows a little way back. So when I started this mission, I decided to finally try it out.

Price: P 249.75 (approx. $5)
Place bought: E.L.F. kiosk at SM Bacoor

(L-R) Tinted Brow Gel, Eyebrow Powder

Here's a swatch on my backhand:

(L-R) Gel, Gel w/ powder, Powder

For comparison, here's a shot of my bare eyebrows

So I start off by outlining my eyebrows using the tinted gel using the slanted brush. Be careful though because it's so subtle, you may go outside your desired brow shape.
And then, to set the tinted brow gel, dip the other end of the brush into the powder and gently dust over the brows. Now, you'll notice the color becoming a bit darker. The more powder you put in there the more it will get darker.

  • It's very affordable.
  • Easy and not complicated to use.
  • The pigment is not that strong, it's buildable.
  • The packaging is made of cheap plastic so it can easy chip or break if you drop it.
  • the slanted brush is a bit too soft to my liking. I prefer a slightly stiffer brush when doing my eyebrows for better control.
The verdict: It's a great find! E.L.F. is the brand known for offering quality products at a very affordable price, so this one lived up to the brand name. It's got enough quantity to last you a long time and you don't have to break the piggy bank to get it either so it's a deal!

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