Sunday, April 17, 2011

Rants: Globe Broadband

DSL light off again!Tsk!

Is it just me or am I not alone when I say that Globe Broadband sucks? Well, atleast based on experience, it does! I think we probably have this as our ISP for about 5 years already and it's still giving us reasons to fumigate. And yes, as I write this blog entry I'm using Sun Broadband wireless because guess what? Globe is down yet uh-gain! (eyes rolling). We've already grown tired of calling customer service because we're far too familiar already with the routine: Have you tried switching the modem off for atleast 10 minutes? Have you checked if all cables are properly connected? Could I put you on hold to check if there are major line repair going on in your area? Geez, how many times should you ask these questions? But after putting you on hold forever it would still boil down to having a technician come to your house for a check up. I'm not sure if our connection has already developed a mind of its own but everytime a technician is scheduled to swing by, it behaves itself and down again the day after!

Just this morning, we had enough and reluctantly called customer service again only to be put on hold by a tech support representative for 18 minutes! I was furious! How many subscribers does Globe have? 15? 16 million? And how many from that number do you think is happy with their service? I hope somebody starts taking "real" action already (not something out of a manual) or else it's the end of the road for this ISP. Hmmm...anything good you could recommend?

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