Sunday, April 6, 2014

Fresh start

Hey there stranger! Checking in for  a while after my very long hiatus.  Pardon me kittens for being away for so long. So many things went down since my last post. Mackoy, (as we liked to call our Mac laptop), had to be put down. So bloggin' became a bit of a struggle. Then, we lost our dad. That was a major blow for us. Me and my sister suddenly found ourselves orphaned. I was still writing, only that time, I did it privately as writing has always been sort of a therapeutic outlet for me.

While my dad was still sick, I was able to start my very own cake and pastries business with the help of friends who helped in jump starting it. So that was also one thing that kept me occupied while I wasn't blogging. I had been baking ever since I was a kid. I did simple cakes for our family back then but never had I realized this would become my bread and butter in the future! So then, The Mad Scientist Sugar Laboratory was born.

Here I 'd like to share with you several projects we made for clients. All our cakes are all edible including the toppers unless, of course, requested by the client :)

For other images and for contact details, you can visit our Facebook page and like us!

Don't worry, I'm still into makeup and other stuff so you're still going to be seeing product reviews on my blog and currently have products to review on standby so watch out for that! Meanwhile, this is your curious cat signing out for now! Stay cool cats! :)