Sunday, February 19, 2017

Product Review: Hard Candy Mix-in Pigment Drops to one's ears when we see the word "DUPE", atleast for makeup. :)

The Cover FX custom cover drops had been gaining popular reviews from beauty gurus the world over and us, mere mortals, have been salivating over this wonder product ever since the rave reviews came out.

What's not to like? The promise of full coverage with the power to take that "foundation you've accidentally bought in the wrong shade" out of the waste bin, is enough to make any makeup junkee swoon.

But, as spiderman would put it, with great power comes...a hefty price tag! Yes, this much talked about product from cover FX retails for US$44 a pop! As much as I long for it, I don't have that much blood and enough kidney to sell for it.

So, when Hard Candy released something of the same nature with a US$7 price tag, I forgot to breathe, went online and scour Walmart's page for this product. As expected, it went flying off the shelves as I've been reading about certain shades selling out and some not finding stocks of it in Walmarts around their area.

So when it actually became available online, I HAD TO GET IT. Luckily, a friend of my friend who currently resides in Los Angeles, was coming home to the Philippines. He was kind enough to agree to bring me some things from the US.

This was one of the things I ordered off of Walmart's page. I got two shades, Light4 and Medium3 because I thought I could just mix them together to achieve the right shade or so I could have options to use for foundations I have that are too dark and too light for me.

Like the one from Cover FX, this too comes with a dropper (hence, the name mix-in drops).

Now, I don't own the custom cover drops or have yet to try it but based on reviews I've seen from other bloggers, that one has a thicker formula than Hard Candy. Ingredients list of the mix in pigment drops are as follows:

One of the product's claim is full coverage. So why don't we test that out shall we? (I also did the same test with my first ever product from Hard Candy here)

I went ahead and drew lines using a waterproof black eyeliner and the lip ink in the shade red. Then, I used two equal drops of both shades to test out the extent of its coverage.

First layer was not able to totally hide the marks. They still seep through and you could still distinguish them both underneath so I went ahead and did another drop.

With the second drop you could now see an improvement coverage-wise. But still nothing too impressive.

Now let see what will happen if we mix it in with two different foundations.

I mixed the Light4 to my Milani conceal+perfect foundation in medium beige since it has become a bit darker for me every since I started on the Benzoyl Peroxide treatment.

And the medium3 with my revlon photoready foundation which is a bit light and too yellow for me.

I took a drop each and place it on a dish to mix.

I drew another red line on my arm using the lip ink smear proof lip product for the coverage test.

Here's the result:

At a drop each added on both foundations, there's only a minute difference on the coverage but the shade of the foundation you can clearly see a difference. The revlon which was a bit lighter and yellow for me became a bit darker more beige now. The milani one became a little bit lighter.


Though both Hard Candy and Cover FX have the same purpose and objective, each one is a league on their own.

In terms of price, I believe you get what you pay for pigment-wise. If you're looking into just altering your foundation shade which already have a light or medium coverage and want to amp it up to a full, then by all means try the one from Hard Candy it'll get the job done without breaking the bank. You just have to put in more drops than you would with Cover FX.

The bottle with the separate dropper I'm not too fond of. It can get messy if you are not too careful and you get the dropper neck to touch the mouth of the bottle. I prefer a bottle with a dropper spout instead.

Another factor to consider, after swatching the Hard candy mix-in pigment drops, I took a bath but did not scour my hand with the swatch. I only let the suds drip over it then took a photo after.

Notice how it got darker? It somewhat oxidized on my skin. I Have no clue what happened. It is not waterproof either.

All in all, if the price points weren't that far apart, I would go and save up for the Cover FX custom cover drops instead. But the Hard Candy Mix-in pigment drop is worth trying out and experimenting with.

Have you tried this one out? What are your thoughts? Share it with me please. :)

Till then,

Friday, February 17, 2017

Bobbie Cosmetics: A new budget-friendly brand for students.

Every time I pass by malls, It's always a must to drop by the beauty counters to check for new stuff that might hold a promise. This particular brand caught my eye because one, it is already an established brand. And two, cosmetics is not what it's known for.

Chic Centre Corporation is the one responsible for the brand "Bobbie" which we all associate with Nail care products. It has been around since 1977 and is an affiliate of JG Summit Holdings (a big conglomerate here in the Philippines).

Browsing thru their display, one single item caught my eye.

This product right here pretty much reminds me of the Anastasia brow wiz. It also has a spoolie on one end for grooming your brows.

But the main difference between the two? This one is only Php145.00! It is even Cheaper than the NYX one they are comparing the brow wiz to.

This brand carries all types of cosmetic products. Complete enough to do a full face makeup using only this line.

They have eyeshadow quads, blushes, and face powders.

Eyeshadow palettes and cream concealers.

Powder foundation.

Face primers

They also have metallic eyeshadow/eyeliner pencils. Though based on the swatch above, the glitter particles in the product is not that fine. Younger gals could gravitate to this kind of formulation, but not really my cup of tea.

I was impressed when I checked their BB creams. It says made in Korea and it even includes familiar ingredients you'd commonly find in Korean skin care and cosmetic products such as Niacinamide and Adenosine.

They have this DUO Lippie for only Php115.00! You have a regular lipstick tube on one end and a pigmented gloss on the other. Now that is a big bang for your buck!

If doing that cat eye is your guilty pleasure, you might want to check out their felt tip liner priced at Php190.00

They even carry brushes and tools to help you in your makeup application! And guess what? They are affordable too!

So if you are on a tight budget, this brand is worth checking out. They have kiosks at Watsons and SM beauty dept.

Have you tried anything from this brand? Please do share it with us down on the comment section below.

Till then,

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Product Review: Etude House Tint my Brows

Product Review is baaaaackkk! So let's get down to business, shall we?

According to Etude House their brow tint is...
"New-concept eyebrow gel tint that makes eyebrow makeup last longer after removing the tint." to be one of the semi-permanent make up trend that is becoming popular nowadays and let's face it, we girls want eyebrows on fleek without the high maintenance part right? So, a curious cat will always be just that---curious.

Having the mistake of over plucking my eyebrows when I was in my late college days (now I just shave so as to not damage the follicles and they would still grow back) I am left with barely there brows. So I'm always on the hunt for long wearing brow products, this ain't an exception. :)

Here's how the product looks like:

I got the darkest shade available(only 3 shades are available: light, brown, gray brown)

I like how the bottle indicated the product expiry

The brush looks like this.

Consistency of the product is more like those peel off nose packs that promises to take off blackheads.

Scent is actually okay not bothersome at all in my opinion.

Before putting this on, make sure you trim your brows, groom it a little and no other product is in the way. Clean, oil free brows will ensure the tint gets absorb by the skin better.

Here I am with the product on. I look like an angry bird! Etude House is also aware of this because they launched this tint in Korea with an angry bird collection.

They advised to keep it on minimum of two hours. Yes, HOUR. Impatient people need to stay back! But if you want to make the tint to be more intense and stay on longer, they say to put it on before going to bed and peel it off the next morning. For this review, I left it on for 4 hours.

This is how it looks after peeling.

You must also peel it starting from the tail of your eyebrow to prevent peeling off brow hairs. It is also advisable to put on a thick amount of the product on so it peels off easily rather than putting on a thin layer.

First time I tried this product, I did the overnight thing. I got irked out because the color was more greenish gray! I couldn't see any brown tint! Then, I went and had my morning face wash routine. Lo and behold, the tint turned into brown. It was weird.

This product claims to stay on for 3-7 days. One of the reasons why I got so intrigued by it. But by experience, it only lasted me 2 days. By the second day, the tint was so faint already.

Here it is after the first wash.

In my opinion, this would be okay for those people with eyebrows that only needs filling in, not for those who have thin and barely there brows.

Etude also suggested to not put any kind of product or remover on it atleast 24 hours after application but I find it difficult if you should do the overnight thing because then you'd have to take a bath and wash your face.

It was a nice product for me to play around with but definitely am not repurchasing anytime soon.

Till next time kittens! Hope this review helps! *Wink

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

That's Hot!!

Okay, Paris Hilton may not be the best reference but admit it, you cannot see this phrase and not have her voice inside your head. It's just stuck, whether we like it or not(at least to those from my generation).

Moving on, if you know me personally, then, you already know my penchant for spicy food. This goes way back my early childhood days when I would devour the green finger chilies in my favorite "sinigang". I just had to stop eating them because an uncle of mine scared the living day lights out of me (a child at that time, thanks uncle!) By telling me that if I continue eating them, I'd get " almoranas" or hemorrhoids in english. I only resumed consuming them when I knew better and when said otherwise.

So, I was on the quest to find the hottest chili sauce I could handle. I'm sure you've encountered mother's best hot sauce once or twice in your lifetime. You'd usually see it on tables in food joints you've been to, especially the local pizza parlors.

We used to always have this around the house. But then, it stopped kicking my taste buds. It wasn't enough. So then, I went about to try this,

Mama Sita, a household name, made me proud with this one. It definitely has the kick not everyone could take. Labuyo it is. But, my quest continues and upon a friend's recommendation, I got this very familiar item.

Nah, Didn't cut it. It was gone in an instant just because no matter how much I put in, there was no kick. If any, it was just a subtle flick of a finger to my palate. So I went local again and tried the caramba! Habanero hot sauce. Yes, it kicks but it also has a distinct taste that alters the taste of the food you're putting it on. So that put me off a little bit. Some days I'll use it, some days I won't.

I almost disregarded the Brand "Tabasco" until I saw this one among the aisles in the grocery (oooooohhhhh)

The label promises to put your mouth on fire and it, my friends, delivers. (Atleast for me) Kicks you hard that this little bottle in my possession still is half full. A small drop goes a long way. But, above all this, I've always been curious about the sriracha hot sauce. So when I saw it at S&R on a recent trip, I bought the big bottle.

This one, although with a very subtle kick, I really like. I put this in everything and I'm thoroughly enjoying it.

If you guys would like to recommend a chili sauce that works for you, kindly share it with me. Leave a comment down below! Have a nice day kittens! :)

Monday, October 5, 2015


Hi fellow curious cats! haven't been here for a while but here is one topic I'd like share with you. Manners/etiquette. As Filipinos, would you say that people are slowly forgetting about this simple thing? Say for instance, the very popular tradition of videoke. I know, I know, celebrations would not be complete without the notorious karaoke machine. Especially when these are readily available for rent any time of the day. Filipinos love to sing and there's nothing like unlimited singing to get the party started. That's okay though, until the clock strikes 12am.
I remember when my dad was still alive and when we would have gatherings at our house, videoke was very much his thing. In fact, I've memorized his repertoire, which never failed to be sung :)
But when 12:00 am would roll by, he would always remind us to keep the volume down so as not to disturb the neighbors who should be resting around that time. That has stuck with me and I think make sense if you actually respect other people and is not an insensitive fool.
Yes, oh yes. The loudest and most annoying road vigil we are all too familiar with.

Lately, I don't see this happening. People, even way past midnight is still singing at the top of their lungs (most not even in the best and audible way) not caring if they are disturbing the neighborhood. Believe me, I have neighbors like this. Thank you guys for inspiring to write this post (Ha!). Which made me think, aren't parents teaching their kids basic etiquette anymore? And if this continues, what would become of our society? Seriously, learning starts from the home, our parents, their lessons. We might have tune them out when they were throwing their litany at us, but our subconscious is keeping these gems and would later influence us and would play a major role on what kind of person we'll grow into in the future. This is rather alarming that something as simple as turning down the volume of your videoke machines is already a thing of the past. I just hope that if you are planning to bear a child, also bear the responsibility of teaching that child manners and sensitivity to their environment, most of all, respect for other people.

Do you have the same experience guys? Do share with us on the comments below!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Fresh start

Hey there stranger! Checking in for  a while after my very long hiatus.  Pardon me kittens for being away for so long. So many things went down since my last post. Mackoy, (as we liked to call our Mac laptop), had to be put down. So bloggin' became a bit of a struggle. Then, we lost our dad. That was a major blow for us. Me and my sister suddenly found ourselves orphaned. I was still writing, only that time, I did it privately as writing has always been sort of a therapeutic outlet for me.

While my dad was still sick, I was able to start my very own cake and pastries business with the help of friends who helped in jump starting it. So that was also one thing that kept me occupied while I wasn't blogging. I had been baking ever since I was a kid. I did simple cakes for our family back then but never had I realized this would become my bread and butter in the future! So then, The Mad Scientist Sugar Laboratory was born.

Here I 'd like to share with you several projects we made for clients. All our cakes are all edible including the toppers unless, of course, requested by the client :)

For other images and for contact details, you can visit our Facebook page and like us!

Don't worry, I'm still into makeup and other stuff so you're still going to be seeing product reviews on my blog and currently have products to review on standby so watch out for that! Meanwhile, this is your curious cat signing out for now! Stay cool cats! :)