Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Interesting Finds: Tahong Chips (Green Mussel chips)

I've been seeing this package ever since it first came out but never paid much attention. I saw signages of "fresh tahong chips" plastered along the highways of Cavite and being the sucker for weird and innovative food finds, I thought to myself " wow! Tahong in chips form, interesting..." but never did get the chance to stop and buy myself a pack. Only during the Clayfest 2011 event (review about it here) that me and this interesting find came face-to-face with each other at my favorite health food store in Cubao Expo. Usually when I'm there I'd always make it a point to drop by the store and purchase a couple of my favorite tofu chips but this caught my eye instead so I finally bought one to satiate my curious taste buds.

Some of the chips were ginormous!

Some food blogs I read from found it bland and is no better tasting that of the shing-a-ling (familiar with this snack?) so I was really surprised to find out I like this stuff! By the way, I love munching on shing-a-ling . :D It's very tasty but for some I think, they may find this a little overpowering and smells so much like the sea (or malangsa?) but what do you expect it is after all TAHONG(green mussel) chips. Inside the packaging you could find a little plastic sauce container with some vinegar inside ( don't worry, the vinegar is sealed in plastic to avoid spillage) for some who prefers to dip this like you would do a chicharon (pork cracklings).

I liked this so much I could finish off a whole 100g. bag. But be careful though, based on the nutritional information at the back, it's crazy high in sodium like unbelievably high! a 100g. bag packs about 540mg of sodium...that's a lot! So make sure to share this with someone and load up on water while eating to flush out all that salt.

I also found out that it is an original Caviteno innovation and they manufacture this in Bacoor but SM Bacoor sells this at a higher price tag which is crazy! A 100g. I purchased at Cubao Expo for P50 and at SM Bacoor I found the same size selling for P60?!WTF! Not cool! I'm still looking for a local store in Cavite that sells this directly so I'd know where to buy when I get the craving. :D

So have you got an interesting foodie discover lately? Please share it with us!


  1. Oooh, that really is interesting! Sana it could be sold online as well. Haha! Both Cubao and Bacoor are far. :D

  2. Bea, you should try it when you get the chance to see one. Unfortunately Cubao is indeed very far but luckily I'm from cavite so I'm already near the root of this tasty creation! :D