Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sunny Side Up Nail Art

Okay, I was so floored by how much you guys liked my previous sunflower inspired nail art that I wanted to share with you the very first one I did which started the whole summer theme. This was also in line with my first review of Etude House VIPgirl Petite Darling Nails GR605.  I did this nail art after the review :D Also, I wanted another way to make use of the french manicure guide I bought at Etude as well and here's what I came up with.
First, I used the guide to easily create the quarter round shape of a sun peeking from the corner

Then I painted the inside with a yellow nail polish.

I let the polish dry for a minute before pulling the sticker off and this is how it looked like. Sorry for the blurry shot! :D

Then I painted on some curvy rays around the edge to resemble a sun slightly peeking through my nails.

That would have been it but then I wanted to add some more flair and paint the middle of the sun with gold glitters so that when the actual sun hit the nails it would glow. I used one by Caronia named Golden Sun

Here's a shot of my nails with the Glare of the sun shining upon it ( I love drama!) :D

Top it off with your favorite top coat to make the nail art last longer and that's that!

 Are you guys all geared up for the summer? :D

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