Monday, April 9, 2012

Ecotools Bamboo 6 Piece Brush Set

Happy Easter everyone! How was your long vacation? Well, it's almost up and back to reality yet once again so enjoy the most out of it. Anyways, before holy week, I've been reading reviews after reviews of the best brush sets. I've never owned a set before so I'm really careful on what brand to invest in. I've considered a couple of the more popular brands but an old lemming came back to me. I've been curious about Ecotools before but never have gotten around to actually acquiring any since before, it's only available overseas. But thanks to the multiply marketplace, it is now within reach. Browsing through the marketplace I came upon Baratmode (cute and silly name but definitely a trusted seller).
Problem I had though, was which set to purchase. I wanted something that could cater to my everyday use. Then I saw this set:

This one sells for Php 850.00 at baratmode. I acquired it the weekend before holy week so I can have it before lent. Transaction was fast and very easy. Multiply has extended their free shipping promo so double yey! :D The package arrived and was packed extremely well. A sample sachet of Ecotools' Body Butter was even included.
The rest of this post will be pic heavy so beware! :D

The moment I swiped these brushes over my hand, I knew I made the right choice (price was also considered in my decision making process). Now, before I ramble on, let me give you bits of information about Ecotools to give you an idea about the brand if it's the first time you are hearing about them.

Ecotools is an earth-friendly brand that shows respect for the planet. Their brush sets have:
  • Handles made from bamboo, a highly sustainable plant.
  • 100% cruelty-free, soft taklon bristles.
  • Recycled aluminum ferrules.
  • Natural cotton and hemp cosmetic bag.
  • Reusable storage pouch.
the brushes are housed in the cotton and hemp bag
the bamboo handles w/ the brand logo. I think it's stamped onto the handles with a heated stamp.
Recycled aluminum ferrules. Be careful though, these can easily be scratched and dented.
the pouch was overhauled. It was originally just a brush roll with string to tie it shut
but now they've added a pouch and a Velcro to close the bag.

On to the brushes!
The Blush Brush is so soft. Can also be used as a powder brush or even for foundation. :D
Front and side view of the blush brush.
side by side with my Ellana baby kabuki brush (who's turning 4yrs. old this year).
The Ecotools blush brush is a bit softer compared to it. But both are soft nonetheless.
Concealer Brush

Eye shading or Eyeshadow brush packs on color pretty decently. It does the job for me.
Eyeliner brush is soft enough to not scratch the eye area but is useful in creating thin lines.
Lash and Brow groomer functions just as any would. There's nothing special about this. I just like the fact that
the brush does not hurt my skin when I brush it over my brows.

Well, there you go, I just let the product shots do all the talking for you. I can't really say much con about Ecotools brushes just that the case could have had a plastic protector inside so that it does not stain easily when putting back used brushes. And it is flimsy and too soft. It does not offer much support for the brushes inside. But you could always remedy that by purchasing another case so no problem for me.

I shall be paying baratmode another visit as I am eyeing those 6 piece eye brush set hmmmm....

Oh, and another thing, Ecotools always count the cotton and hemp bag as part of the set. So if it says 6 piece, it's actually just five brushes and the case. Just so you know :D

I love this brand. They are inexpensive yet of high quality brushes. Also makes you feel good that you are actually helping the environment in a small way. Have you tried any of their brushes? Share it with us I personally would love to hear your opinion. :D

Till then,