Sunday, November 20, 2011

Concealers: Makeup Forever Full Cover Concealer

This post is the first part of a concealer series I plan to do. Lately, because of the hot weather here in the Philippines, the last thing on my mind is makeup. Foundation, to be exact. I longed for the perfect spot-concealing concealer that won't budge from my oily face so I could go through my day wearing just that on several blemishes and no full on face makeup. Finding just that can be frustrating for oily-skinned people like me. Now, I've never tried anything from Makeup Forever before. Quality was not the issue here but the price tag. MUFE products are so darn expensive. But I guess, thinking about it, since the brand boasts of their waterproof cosmetics, if you don't have to constantly retouch your makeup, you'll only be using a little at a time. So in this case, don't let the little tube fool you. Since this product is so opaque, you literally would just need a pin size of product for every blemish you need to cover. This will last you forever to finish!
I like that it claims to be non-comedogenic as I'm prone to skin congestion. I did commit one major mistake when I got this: wrong color! (oh, and I got Jedi mind-tricked by the SA thinking it is the exact match). She suggested Golden Beige (#10) when what I really wanted to try out was Beige (#8). It is actually a great match if you were to use it as a foundation. But my intention was to spot conceal so this ended up drying two shades darker than my skin tone making the blemish more evident. Boo! Major fail.     
Oh well, the staying power is good especially if set properly with finishing powder. BUT it is not totally budge-proof. If you rubbed on it a bit, it will rub off. Lived up to its waterproof claim as I did test it out by dunking my swatched hand in water and trying to simulate a swimming motion. Don't know yet how it would hold up to saltwater. Guess we'd have to wait till I go to the beach again (clue: not any time soon). Dries to a matte finish but a little tacky/sticky to the touch. The packaging is hygienic. The opening on the tube's mouth is big enough to dispense a controlled amount of product.
When putting this on, I suggest you do it layer by layer letting the first one dry first. Be careful not to put too much as it will cake up. A little goes a long way. Dries quickly as well so you'd have to be precise and quick when using this.

If you're thinking of getting this, I couldn't emphasize more on getting the RIGHT color match. Don't be afraid to try out several shades first and wait a couple of hours because once dry, this will definitely go two shades darker. Check it out under natural lighting as store lighting could be deceiving. 
see the difference? Turned a bit orange when it dried.

Done right and you would have a great investment in your hands. Makeup Forever Full Cover Concealer 15ml. (0.5fl.oz.) retails for P1,650 (approximately US$37). Not cheap, so choose carefully. :D


  1. I love the coverage! Thank you for sharing! New follower here! <3
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  2. Hi Shebby! Welcome to the Curious Zealot! Thank you for dropping by! I visited your site too. Awesome makeup tutorial! :D

  3. i'm wondering is it close to the MAC studio finish in NW25? Thks! :)

  4. Hi dieo dang! May I ask in what particular aspect you're referring to? the shade or coverage? In terms of the shade, no. 10 might be dark for you. You could go and try 6 or 7? This does dry darker and it is always safe to go to the MUFE store or Sephora personally to have your perfect shade matched. It will save you the money trust for coverage, the studio finish concealer might be thicker in consistency thus giving a bit more coverage. Hope this helps! :D