Monday, May 2, 2011

Product Review: EYEBROW KITS --> Part 3 : In2It Eyebrow powder

And so I have promised on my previous posting that I'll do a review of this product soon, so here it is. My favorite eyebrow powder for the longest time was the Wet' n' Wild Ultimate brow kit in Dark Brown because it stays put throughout the day and is pigmented enough to put on the fly. Well, I guess I love the formula and I thought the color was okay not until I attended the Clinique party and Ms. Vannie (Clinique MUA), told me the color is leaning to a reddish brown which is a big no-no and according to her, would make me look older. So, as much as I love my WnW eyebrow powder, I had to part ways with it (at least my eyebrows would have to since I could use this as an eyeshadow *wink). Since then, I'm again on the lookout for the perfect Eyebrow powder. I've been browsing through other local beauty blogs to search for an affordable alternative. I've heard such great reviews about the In2it eyebrow powder that I decided to give it a try (I was torn between this and the Skin Food Choco eyebrow powder #1).  Just so you know, In2It is actually a Japanese Brand.

In2It Eyebrow powder kit
Price: P299.00 (approx. $7)
Place bought: In2It counter Landmark Makati

It comes with 3 different brow powder shades ranging from light to dark. You can mix the colors to fit you.

Manufacturing Date and Expiration date is indicated at the back to let you know the freshness of the product.
It comes with a mirror inside for quick touch ups.

The brush that comes with it however, is a little softer than that of the WnW. I prefer a stiffer brush since it gives me better control. This one would do but it could be better. :D

A swatch of all three colors at the back of my hand swiped once.

Here's my verdict:

  • Affordable compared to other eyebrow kits.
  • Has 3 colors to play around with to achieve desired shade.
  • Comes with a mirror inside.
  • Case has some heft to it and is small enough to fit your purse.
  • Manufacturing Date and Expiration date is well indicated at the back.
  • Formulation includes Vitamin E.
  • Color looks natural under any lighting.
  • Case is pretty hard to open.
  • Brush that comes with it could be a little bit stiffer.
  • If you have oily face and if you live in a humid country wherein you tend to sweat a lot, you may find yourself having to retouch every so often.
There you go, the latest eyebrow powder I'm using. Hopefully I don't change my mind soon as I want to finish this one first before trying out other brands.  :D


  1. how was it? or is WnW still better? I looked for this in Mega and they said it was sold out, cuh-ray-zee right haha :))

  2. Ei Charles! :D It is okay. The colors look natural under any lighting. Compared to WnW lang kasi d sya ganun ka pigmented so buildable yung color. What I like about WnW is pigmented sya na in one swipe okay na pero that's just a personal preference. I was supposed to buy WnW in the ash brown shade pero I read through a couple of blogs din na medyo reddish din sya compared to others so I tried this one. Try it pag matyempuhan mong me stock which isn't that often masyadong bestseller kasi. I think you'll like it. What eyebrow powder ba do you use?

  3. aww reddish? nag-sale kse Mega recently with 15%off daw ung in2it. Will try other branches. I use Anna Sui pero paubos na eh, wala pa naman nun dito kaya looking for good alternative. Thank you woman!

  4. Oo nga ala atang Anna Sui cosmetics dito. Yun ba yung 3 day weekend sale? sayang hindi ako nakadaan ng Mega at sayang nakabili na ako..hehehe...try mo sa makati sa Landmark. You're Welcome! :D

  5. Meron na dito sa ah? (, nakita ko lang kaninang umaga nung nag hahanap ako ng eyebrow kit dito sa Philippines. Yun din yung reason kaya ako na padpad dito (Chos!). I'm thinking kung bibili ako gagamitin ko sanang pang regalo para sa mga officemates ko ngayon pasko. Napa bilib naman ako sa post mo ate, Malamang kumuha nga ako nito. Thank you sis for sharing!

  6. Thanks ashley! No problem. I think girls who are into make up would really appreciate this as a gift! Merry Christmas! ;)