Friday, April 22, 2011

Hi, this is me. Nice to meet you. :D

It is the lenten season once again and a very good time to meditate and reflect. Holy week may not be complete for some people without going to their favorite vacation spots but for me, it's not always complete without reflecting on some spiritual enrichment.

I didn't start blogging just because I wanted to share my favorite beauty products with you guys but I also wanted to meet new people and reach out to you no matter where in the world you are. I don't only want my readers to learn tips and tricks everytime they visit my site, but to take with them a piece of me in the process. So for you guys who have just tuned in to my channel, I'd like to introduce myself. The curious cat's birth name is Angeli. It would have been Bruna or Bruha if not for my mom (seriously!). My dad wanted to name me and my sister either of the two names mentioned  but luckily when the nurse went inside my mom's hospital room my dad was not around so she gave us our name. I lost my mom when I was 19 years old to a heart ailment and I miss her each and every day. She died a little shortly after my lolo died. One of the things I wish I had the chance to do was say goodbye to her before she was taken away from us. Sadly, we were going through a very rough time financially back then so she was the only one who could board a plane to go to Bohol to my lolo's wake. She had that heart ailment since she was a kid and was aggravated due to stress and lack of proper sleep during the wake and she was hospitalized. It went downhill from there. My sister and I were very close to mom so losing her is losing a big piece of our whole being. I still cry thinking about her and there is not a day that passes by that I wish she's still here and all three of us girls would bond over girl stuff. I think I got my interest in makeup from my mom. I remember she had this red tool box that contained all her cosmetics and she would be the one to do our makeup for every special occasion in our lives. Now, I have the same tool box only in black. It brings a smile to my face each time I look at it and reminds me of my mom. I'm still saving up to buy an actual train case, something I know my mom would have also wanted. I'm aiming to become a makeup artist in the future and that I will do for both of us. I want to celebrate my mom's life by living through her lessons each and every day. 

I'm also a scientist in the kitchen meaning, I love doing little experiments here and there another bond I shared with my mom. She passed on to me her trade secrets and I promise to pass it on to future generations. Music is another thing my family shared. My mom trained me earlier on by letting me practice "One Moment in Time" over and over again at our neighbor's karaoke system. She was my biggest fan.

She passed on to me not only a single pearl necklace but a whole jewelry store full that I hope to impart on other people as well. Plant a seed so she'd always be alive. :D
A favorite picture of me and my mom. I miss her everyday.

So there you go, my name's Angeli, also known as the curious zealot it's nice to meet you! I hope this lent, you'd also take some time out from your long vacation to reflect on your spirituality and your life. Have a great day! :D


  1. well, hello angeli! i'm sugar. it's nice to meet you. :)

  2. I love how each and everything your mom was able to pass on to you, you really cherish and want to share with other people. I'm sure she would have been proud to see you as you are now :)

  3. Hi Sugar!A pleasure to meet you too!! :D

  4. Thanks Kari!I live every day to make her proud and I dedicate every accomplishment to her.:D