Wednesday, February 17, 2016

That's Hot!!

Okay, Paris Hilton may not be the best reference but admit it, you cannot see this phrase and not have her voice inside your head. It's just stuck, whether we like it or not(at least to those from my generation).

Moving on, if you know me personally, then, you already know my penchant for spicy food. This goes way back my early childhood days when I would devour the green finger chilies in my favorite "sinigang". I just had to stop eating them because an uncle of mine scared the living day lights out of me (a child at that time, thanks uncle!) By telling me that if I continue eating them, I'd get " almoranas" or hemorrhoids in english. I only resumed consuming them when I knew better and when said otherwise.

So, I was on the quest to find the hottest chili sauce I could handle. I'm sure you've encountered mother's best hot sauce once or twice in your lifetime. You'd usually see it on tables in food joints you've been to, especially the local pizza parlors.

We used to always have this around the house. But then, it stopped kicking my taste buds. It wasn't enough. So then, I went about to try this,

Mama Sita, a household name, made me proud with this one. It definitely has the kick not everyone could take. Labuyo it is. But, my quest continues and upon a friend's recommendation, I got this very familiar item.

Nah, Didn't cut it. It was gone in an instant just because no matter how much I put in, there was no kick. If any, it was just a subtle flick of a finger to my palate. So I went local again and tried the caramba! Habanero hot sauce. Yes, it kicks but it also has a distinct taste that alters the taste of the food you're putting it on. So that put me off a little bit. Some days I'll use it, some days I won't.

I almost disregarded the Brand "Tabasco" until I saw this one among the aisles in the grocery (oooooohhhhh)

The label promises to put your mouth on fire and it, my friends, delivers. (Atleast for me) Kicks you hard that this little bottle in my possession still is half full. A small drop goes a long way. But, above all this, I've always been curious about the sriracha hot sauce. So when I saw it at S&R on a recent trip, I bought the big bottle.

This one, although with a very subtle kick, I really like. I put this in everything and I'm thoroughly enjoying it.

If you guys would like to recommend a chili sauce that works for you, kindly share it with me. Leave a comment down below! Have a nice day kittens! :)