Monday, February 28, 2011

Clayfest 2011

This past weekend, I've been supporting my sister on one of her yearly events. She is into the polymer clay craft for about a year already and had participated in the same event also last year. But this year was even better because the event ran for two days. A lot of people had turn up this year to check out the booths and the different artistic creations from different polymer clay enthusiasts. Here is a shot of my sister and her booth:

Aside from the various clay accessories available, the event were also filled with fun activities for everyone. On day one, they held a clay sculpting competition for the exhibitors. Each one was given a small box and was only permitted to use limited tools to be able to make their clay creations.

 Free demonstrations on basic polymer clay sculpting techniques were also done to show visitors how these works of art are created. The Beadlady, which is the organizer of the event, also offers workshops to those who are interested. Their shop's located at the Cubao Expo in Quezon City (you won't miss their shop it's the cutest one with the red door :D).

Different types of accessories all made of clay could be found at the event. Check out these pieces!

Creations of  my sister: Crazy Notions

Hmmm...does he look familiar to you?

Creations of  my sister: Crazy Notions

The event was such a huge success!! So if you're interested, maybe you could join us next year. Do check out my sister's multiply page: to keep you posted on next year's clayfest schedule or to just check out some more of her creations.

This is the curiouszealot (in yellow) with her crazy sister (crazy notions), which, by the way, is the proud winner of the clay sculpting contest! She won a framed creation from Ms.Christi Friesen. And we're signing out, peace y'all!! :D


  1. love her creations sis! may booth ba sya somewhere? :)

  2. Lori! Booth? none at the moment. Annual bazaar lang 'to but do check out her facebook page!/pages/Crazy-Notions/130114317014148 she also does Made to order designs. If you're also interested to start a polymer clay hobby, she also offers starter clay kits.. :D