Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Product Review: Ellana Flat Top Baby Buki Brush

I started my experimentation with mineral makeup way back in 2008. When I was on my 4th year in highschool, my skin started to act up and I break out like crazy! (blame it on teenage hormones). My skin is blemish prone so when I started working and had the means  I started exploring the options of trying out different cosmetic products. It is only in 2008 that I found out about Mineral makeup. I've tried other brands before but I found none of them worked for me. Then I stumbled upon this little booth at SM Makati on my way home from work. I've been hearing about ellana but never gotten around to try it (I was also getting frustrated on my search for the perfect mineralmakeup for me). I checked out their stuff, decided to try their mineral foundation and the rest they say, is history. Ellana was my saving grace. It literally helped improved my skin. I use to break out left and right using various brands of mineral makeup. After trying out their foundation, I decided to try their brushes. Since I go to work day in and day out, I wanted something that I could carry in my purse with ease. My first brush from Ellana is the Baby Buki brush and I was sold! I still use the same one from 2008 and it's still as soft as ever. Fast forward 3 years later, I decided to try yet another one of Ellana's brushes--The Flat Top Baby Buki Brush.

Ellana Minerals Flat Top BAby Buki Brush
Price: P400 (approx. $9)
Place bought: Ellana Weekend Stall at SM Makati

According to Ellana: This Flat-top kabuki brush has stiffer bristles with the same softest hair that can be used to give more coverage and an airbrush finish with your makeup.

As with any mineral makeup user, the trick is to buff the foundation onto the skin so it will look more natural and to give you better coverage. This brush will do that for you. The bristles are indeed stiffer than that of the baby buki brush only because this one is much denser than the former but definitely soft and not scratchy at all.

Please excuse the hazy shot. Just to give you an idea how dense it is.

This dense quality will give you more value to your mineral makeup because it doesn't permit the product to seep into the brush. Once you dip the brush into your mineral makeup, the product stays on top of the brush thus, putting more makeup onto your face rather than on the brush itself (less product wastage!). What I also love about this brush is that it's so small and compact, I can tote it anywhere with me.

It fits right in the palm of my hand!

Another great brush experience from my favorite Mineral Makeup brand. I'm hoping to try more of their brushes in the future specifically the Stippling brush, the angled blush brush, and the extra large buffer brush!

If you want to find out more about Ellana Minerals you could visit their official website or visit their Facebook page!/ellana . For users, check out their multiply account . They offer free samples if you are interested to know which shades would best fit you, you just have to pay for a minimal shipping fee. (BTW, Ellana Minerals is proudly Filipino made.)


  1. You're right lady! Ellana's my first and last MMU too. I think Ellana opened my eyes to "kikayity". hehe :) just followed you dear!

  2. we are both on the same page Kikay Morena!! Ellana is my HG MMU.. :D