Saturday, March 26, 2011


Who knew Oil of Olay manufactures lipsticks? Yup, I was also taken aback by this during my daily ebay window shopping (or monitor shopping?). I did a double take on this particular product while I was browsing through the makeup section. As usual, I was curious to try it out. The price is affordable and is on sale for 5%OFF so yeah, I had to get it.

Oil of Olay Colormoist Lipstick-285 Blush
Price: P252.50 (approx. $6)
Place bought:

The original Olay trademark can be found on the front part of the cap

Hence, the name of the shade, blush, this lipstick falls into the "natural" category that when you put it on, it hardly is noticeable and will just enhance your natural lip color. The formula itself could be a little waxy but completely okay. I have to admit I liked it the very first time I swept it on my lips but hated it a few hours later. It was an on and off relationship with this one :D But when I went back to this tube and started using it again, I did a complete 360. I used it on one of my night outs and what made me love this again is that I noticed it didn't dry out my lips after having it on for so many hours. And, when I passed by mirrors inside the mall, I liked the pinkish hue it gave to my lips...not bad. Another good thing about this lipstick is that it has SPF15 UVA/UVB Sunscreen properties so everything you need is already in one package you no longer need a separate lib balm to protect you from the sun's harmful rays (yep, I'm an SPF addict. better safe than sorry..). They also said that this is a rare find. Not too many people know about this so you could feel extra  "special" having this in your stash..haha!! Here's a picture of me wearing the Oil of Olay colormoist lipstick...

So, have you stumbled upon a rare find lately? I'd like to know! please share it with us :D

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