Sunday, March 27, 2011

Etude House first purchase!!!

Here's  some Monday lovin' to all my curious kittens :D Yesterday, I attended the christening of my friend's son. As usual, I was asked to be one of the ninangs (my godchildren's growing in numbers by the minute!). The Christening was held in Binondo church and the reception was at the Original Savory Restaurant. I was so excited to see my godson for the very first time he's so cute and so chubby!! Aside from that, I'm also excited to visit Binondo. It was such a long time ago that I walked the streets of Manila. I had several checklists running through my mind but the main thing I wanted to do was look for fried siopao. I asked my friend and former colleague if she knew any good stall that sells them and she recommended Keean's fried siopao. So we headed there as per her instructions. Unfortunately when we got there we asked around and we were told they were closed during Sundays..bummer! Oh well, better luck next time! I decided to move along to the next item on my checklist:go to SM Megamall and visit Etude House. I was hoping to get my hands on EH's proof 10 eye primer and even looked for it at their SM Makati branch to no success. My Niece's high school graduation is coming up and I'll be doing her makeup. I'm hoping to use the eye primer on her so her eyeshadow would go on longer (let's see.. :D). So, together with a friend I haven't seen for a while, we headed over to Etude House. At first, we saw a vacant merchant space covered with the Etude House ad saying soon to open. I was confused since I know their SM Megamall branch is already open. Then we realized we were at Bldg. B, EH is located at Bldg. A (But what was that about? Are they planning to put up two stores at Sm MegaMall?hmmm...) Anyways, I think my heart did little somersaults when I finally saw the store's pink facade, finally I'd be able to buy the eye primer hopefully it's in stock! I quickly hurried over to the middle island and looked for it. There were just a few of it on display and I quickly grabbed on to one!hahaha...secured! Now on to browsing their other products! :D The store is jammed with customers making it hard to move around freely. I was hoping to avail of the auto liner pencil but I didn't see a pink nude shade that I was looking for. Next, I checked out the nail polishes. There were cute shades there and I decided to get me a pastel green one. I also saw a french manicure tip guide on their website and decided to search for it too. Bingo! Only one left! Got it! :D I wanted to try also their eye and lip makeup remover but they were OS. So many products to choose from but I really don't know what else I need at the moment so I decided to start first with what I got and just come back again. My friend got the blackhead remover dual sheet and I asked her if she could update me once she tries it out. At the cashier, i was told that I was only P48 short to a P500 worth of purchase to qualify me for a pink membership card. So she suggested I just get another nail polish and so I picked one in a pastel violet shade. Then I filled out a form and she gave me my card-woohoo! what a surprise! I also got a 2ne1 poster as a freebie( too bad I wanted a mini pen). Afterwards we did a couple more window shopping and ended our Sunday malling with a smoothie at Mondo Juice. I love their green tea smoothie..Yum! So, Let's see what's inside the bag...

Can't wait to try their nail polish and see if the pigmentation's okay. I'll also be posting my review of the proof 10 eye primer soon so watch out for that! Oh, and here's my pink membership card!

'Till next time Kittens!! :D

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