Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Unexpected Surprise!

I have two cousins whose work is based in Dubai. One of them sent in a package last week containing different christmas gifts for different relatives of ours (typical Filipino custom-one for all, all for one..hahaha...). When I chatted with my cousin earlier this year, he told me he will be sending in a laptop bag for us..(Yey...laptop bag..appreciate it but not too ecstatic..hehehe..sorry cousin :D). So, when I finally got the bag, it was actually not bad, it was targus btw. But when I opened the bag, I was totally surprised! Aside from the usual soap and lotion "pasalubong" that goes with it, this greeted me with a big HELLO.

I totally did not expect this coming especially from a male cousin. The Brand is called Cheri Paris and is made in UAE. I'm not familiar with the brand and is actually hearing it for the first time but what the heck! It's got lippies and nail polish what more could I ask for? Hahaha...I hurriedly wanted to open it up but the packaging was tough to get through. After a couple of exertion, here's what's inside the box:

4 shades of sheer-glittery nail polishes and 6 mini lipsticks.

They were mostly in brownish shades but one stood out amongst the six.
This deep brownish-red one....

I've been wanting a deep dark red lippy, sort of like the deep reds classic hollywood celebrities wore back then. This one falls into the matte category which is perfect! (Still had to test if this will dry my lips). Here's a swatch of all six at the back of my hand.

I think two of them are matte and the other 4 have shimmers in them. Not bad. I could definitely mix and match this with other colors to come up with different shades. I felt like a girl with a new toy. I was definitely surprised! Thank You cousin Jorald!! :D


  1. oh, I love lippies! such a nice gift sis! LOTD! :P

  2. sis!! Yup! me too! every color could easily transform a look!!Hmmm...I'll do LOTD one of these days.. :D You got new posts!!! Yey!! :D