Sunday, June 26, 2011

Curiosity killed the cat: Bialetti Caffe (Revilla Business Park)

Last week, everyone's parade had been rained upon. Typhoon Falcon wreaked havoc flooding many cities in the Philippines and thousands of commuters cursed the high heavens for being stuck in traffic. It was indeed a reminder of the typhoon "Ondoy" where I was stuck on the road overnight because no vehicle had the mutant ability to turn into a large shipping vessel and pass through the marsh land formerly known as coastal road. An experience I'd rather leave as a memory and not have to relive all over again. :D But I still prefer cold weather to hot I just wish it be cold without the heavy rain. :(
Anyways, we were supposed to go grocery shopping last Saturday (we always do grocery at SM Makati) but then, it was raining heavily and we did not want to take the risk of getting stranded. So, we opted to do grocery at SM Bacoor instead.  Aargh! I'd tell you this, If you're doing major grocery, go somewhere else. They're doing renovations there and basically the shelves' layout were all over the place. I felt like I was on a quickfire challenge and had no idea where to get the things on my list next. D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R! Considering we live close by, we finished until closing time! We didn't get to eat dinner anywhere inside the mall. I suggested to go to this new coffee joint at the Revilla Business Park called Bialetti. Yes, Revilla as in Bong Revilla and Ramon Revilla. They practically own Cavite and just a few steps from the business park you could find the Senior Revilla's residence along the highway.
I thought this was originally their own. But after checking out the website ( printed on their beverage cups, I learned it was a franchise. They already have several branches open at various cities all throughout Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. The Bacoor franchise screams Revilla mainly due to the cafe's interiors:

Walls were adorned with movie posters all produced by Imus productions.

The place was cozy and not crowded (I don't know if it was just late or a normal everyday occurrence).

There were two couches here and there so you could hangout there and make use of their free wifi service (it was down due to the typhoon when we had our visit).

 Their main selling point is their coffee but sadly we were not able to try any of their coffee blends :(

even the place mats had the Senior Revilla's face on it.

Drinks arrived first. They have 2 sizes, Medio and Mucho.

Choco Mint size: Medio P110

Mixed Berries P110 Medio

Just 'coz I love Green Tea... Green Tea Lychee P130 Medio

On a cold rainy day, we opted to order comfort food.

My sister ordered their Lechon Kawali P165

her fiance ordered Chicken Alfredo with broccoli P160

and my insurmountable love for Basil led me to their Pesto Pasta P160

The drinks we ordered were not too sweet, which I liked. My sister's mixed berry drink could use a bit more berries because the milk or the cream that had been used overpowered the whole mix. My green tea with lychee seems to be missing the lychee element because all I could taste was "Machang", don't get me wrong, I love my tea, but I paid for the lychee too right? MIA. The Choco Mint went the other way around. You could taste more of the mint rather than the Chocolate, so I suggest they rename it to Mint choco, which I think is much more appropriate. :D The drinks were fine by me not being too sweet. But for the food, it's a totally different story. I do appreciate a well seasoned plate of goodness. This, I might say was perfect for people who's trying to lower their blood pressure. SALT please! The pasta was bland. And It could use more Parmigiano-Reggiano. I do have to give it to them though, for making the pesto from scratch, not those pre-made store-bought mixes. The Chicken Alfredo was a bit soupy which I think will bring Alfredo diLelio to tears if he ever tasted this dish. On a good note, their Lechon Kawali were tender, crunchy, and seasoned just fine. Just the way this dish should be. :D

Overall, judging from the price and the servings of the food, not bad. But for the flavor, I'd rather go to Pizza hut Bistro and order my favorite pasta dishes close to the same price. There, I'd even have the option to ask for more cheese. As for the drinks, I'd say it's okay. It will suffice to accompany me while lounging around the cafe with my friends. Location is a plus point for this cafe as it is very near our place giving us a cozy spot to congregate during the weekends. But they'd better buff up their menu soon or else, the ambiance would not be enough to fill this place.


  1. "how coffee should be!" tarush!! haha!

  2. How should it be? That's marketing right there...hehehe.. :D

  3. wow, i didn't know may Revilla Business Park na pala! my parent has 2 houses in Cavite eh,Bahayang Pag-Asa and somewhere Gen Trias, but haven't been there for a couple of yrs now...we should hang out soon, i heart pesto pasta too! :D

  4. Eenah!! two houses! Shala.. :D Yep Pesto=LOVE. Hang out we should! :D