Friday, June 17, 2011

Accessorize It!

My sister and I had always been the artsy-fartsy types. I guess we got that from my mom (she was a civil engineer so she's very good at drawing and she's into crafts). My older sister once dreamed of becoming a fashion designer and would always be caught drawing sketches. I remember I used to want to become a colorist( guys who colors cartoons), yep, my sister would tease me about it because I have all these coloring books and would just enjoy coloring every damn thing :D I was always drawn to colors that I even wanted to become a scientist when I was a kid just 'cause I used to watch shows on television where scientists pour and combine smoking colored liquids together. ;D

Anyways, ever since then, my sister had been into making bead accessories to satiate her creativity. Her friends and colleagues started to take notice of her creations so she was inspired to start a business out of her hobby. Crazy Notions was born.. 
She started selling accessories made from beads but later on wanted to explore other medias. Then she came upon polymer clay. According to

Polymer clay is, as the name implies, a pliable, blendable polymer compound for artists and crafters. It's not a true clay - clay is fine particles of silicate suspended in water, whereas polymer clay is fine particles of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) suspended in plasticizer - but it can be used much like clay.

My sister took a polymer clay workshop at The Beadlady Craft Cafe and Art Studio located at Cubao Expo. Now, she's one of the proud members of the Philippine Polymer Clay Guild and has been featured on their facebook page (links provided). Here's my sister, Donna Cruz (yes, like the Pinay actress. people's heads turn most of the time expecting her famous katukayo :D) with her own words on how she stumbled upon polymer clay as featured on the Philippine Polymer Clay Guild facebook page:

"Growing up, Art has always been a part of my life. I would watch fairytale cartoons and make a storybook about it afterwards. I would play around my cousin’s Lego set and build a room for my dolls to live at. I would design dresses and accessories for my paper dolls. I loved drawing and painting landscapes and still life using pastels and watercolor. I would have been a stained glass artist but materials were not accessible here so I substituted it with colored plastics and Japanese colored papers. I took up photography when I can already afford it. Then I was introduced to beaded accessories. I learned the craft through books and magazines and the next thing I knew, I was in bead heaven. But alas, it has its limitations. I wanted to do more unique, one-of-a-kind pieces. Last year while browsing the net for resin jewelry, I stumbled upon polymer clay. I was a little hesitant at first because of all the arts, sculpting was never my strongest suit. I bought my first clays and tools from Ms. Mel Felipe of Purplenook.Then took my first workshop with the Beadlady, Ms. Angeli Sobrepena-Del Rosario. After hoarding materials, tools, books and advanced workshops, I feel like I definitely found my passion. There are so many ways with polymer clay. There are so many techniques to master and to discover. And I am happy that the craft and the people who continuously master the craft have welcomed me warm-heartedly into their niche."

 Here are some samples of her works:

Steampunk bangles

one of her Made to order brooches (this one was specifically requested by the buyer)
A steampunk fly! :D

Steampunk heart locket

Steampunk phoenix pendant

Steampunk peacock pendant

Vintage inspired necklaces.
She also participates in the annual Clayfest Bazaar held at the Cubao Expo. You could check out my post on that here. Please do visit her facebook page to check out some more of her works and to find out more about Crazy Notions.

Are you into accessories? Till then! :D

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