Sunday, April 23, 2017

Ellana pressed mineral foundation

The first time me and this brand met was back in 2009. It was during my second job at a new company. I noticed having bad breakouts and I remember using the new Maybelline mineral foundation at that time. Loose mineral foundation was slowly becoming the next best thing. Maybelline didn't have the widest range of shades available and it was frustrating and I was suspecting the product is not pure mineral. So on  to multiply shopping! That where I first found out about Ellana and that's when my love affair with this brand started. They have come a long way and I'm like a proud mother standing by the sidelines witnessing her child grow :)

One of the things I loved about their mineral foundation is the coverage. But one thing I also hate about mineral foundations, in general, is that it is messy to take anywhere. My makeup bag would be in a complete mess once I forget to screw on the jar's cap properly. Quite frustrating. I researched for pressed mineral foundations and the only ones I could find is available in the US and is expensive.

Fast forward a couple of years later, Ellana finally came out with pressed versions of their mineral foundation. and eyeshadows. I was elated.

Wrapped properly to prevent breakage
Double sealed for assurance
I got myself one. I ordered another set of their free sample because I had no clue what my present shade was.

Samples! Samples!
Last time I checked, I was a hazelnut latte(warm undertone). But then, I contemplated into getting one with a more neutral undertone. 
Based on the description on the site and after a round of guessing games, I went and got Almond Latte.

It was a miss. Turned out, this was too dark and too orange for me.

Ellana pressed mineral foundation in Almond Latte side by side with my Maybelline White
Superfresh cake powder in 05 Sand Beige

The packaging is great. The compact is enclosed in sealed acetate for protection. The pan had a magnet stuck on the back so you could stick it on a Z-palette or the generic one Ellana also sells.

But one thing I noticed when I first used it, though, is that it's not as pigmented as I remembered it. I'm not so sure if it being pressed somehow affected the formula or what but I remembered how impressed I was before as buffing it onto the face was enough to cover acne marks but now, coverage is leaning more into light to medium.
The pressed version is also more expensive at Php 599.00 per pan with 11 grams of product compared to the loose version at Php 499.00 with 8 grams of product. But come to think of it, taking the grams into consideration, price is almost the same.

I've stored this in my drawer for now as it is too dark for me to use. I would only take it out once in a while and use it as bronzer.

Convenience-wise, this is a better option for travelling but you have to be careful though, even if it is pressed, it shatters rather easily when dropped. Mine did and had to repair it with the old alcohol trick.

They also have a new refurbished website. It is now not the old
Also, the new pans, I believe, is now square rather than the round one I was able to purchase.

Have you tried Ellana's pressed minerals? What are your thoughts? Kindly share it with me and let's start a conversation!

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