Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Go back in history with Malens

Food tripping is fast becoming an "in" thing with today's generation but usually, the crowd come in troves towards Quezon City, Manila, Makati, and other places around North. Little do people know, South, specifically Cavite, is just as food trip worthy as any other place. Heck, even Aguinaldo's house becomes a huge food mercato during the weekends complete with colorful and plentiful string of lights.

Nowadays, we are plagued with food trucks and fastfoods that an honest to goodness plate of classic home cooked meal becomes a welcome treat once in a while.

Located at Noveleta Cavite just across Puregold is a place called MALEN's. 

Upon entering this establishment, you're easily transported to the old Spanish era with it's interiors. Visitors are greeted by a huge wall sculpture of Gabriela Silang on a horse.

A cake display chiller is located near the entrance door boasting of their different baked offerings. They can also customize a cake for you should you require it for your events.

A function area is also available for reservation. 

Solid wood dining tables and chairs fill the entire floor and waiting for your order will never be a bore for there's a vast display of pasalubong goodies you could check out while waiting.

A wooden rocking horse is a big hit for the kids. My niece had a rockin' time with her new friend! :)

Malen's menu also have that rustic feel to it. Each dish has a corresponding history attached to it. Though, this same menu is the reason why part of our whole Malen experience almost turned into a disaster. We were not aware that only selected items on the menu was good for sharing and the rest already is a meal for one person and their server, one in particular, did not tell us that our orders already came with rice (we also ordered a separate order of rice, which is indication we are clueless). When we found out and asked if we could cancel the other rice order because we were not aware, the server, a male, that could totally pass as bouncer for a club, "apparently" told us that he informed us while we were ordering that our meals already came with rice! Hello?! Tulog ba kami kuya nung nag-oorder kami? That totally put us off and we did not enjoy the food as much as we wanted to due to poor customer service from this waiting staff who completely turned it around and lied up front.

We ordered a couple of things to try but please excuse the poor food shots as lighting inside the restaurant is pretty dim.

Sungay Green salad is your basic green salad paired with honey mustard dressing

Nothing too fancy, just your regular unbreaded fried chicken

This was my order. I was disappointed with it. Clearly, sandwiches wasn't their strong point. I almost cried at how lonely and sad this sandwich looked. A couple of roasted beef slices in between COLD, WHITE bread slices. Fries is cold and tasted generic. The salad siding is too little to save this sinking ship.
Ordered fresh buko to drown my sandwich disappointment.
The beef is surprisingly very tender and tasty.

I'm a baker, so normally, I gravitate towards baked goods. I checked out what their resto had to offer. In the end, we decided on the chocolate crinkles. Theirs had additional cashew nuts mixed in to make it a bit different.

More items they offer. The baked chicharon is a must. 

My experience here was so-so. It could have had good potential had it not been for the whole rice debacle. Some of the food were good like the caldereta but serving was a bit steep for the price. I advise you to veer away from their sandwiches not worth your buck.

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