Friday, August 12, 2011

Product Review: Swish Alcohol-Free Mouthwash

Dental hygiene is essential, especially for us ladies. It's not enough that we take care of our pearly whites but we also have to make sure we don't ward off anyone once we open our big mouths!haha! :D I always make it a point to gargle mouth wash after I brush my teeth at night just to make sure the last bit of bad bacteria doesn't feast on my tooth enamel while I'm asleep. I've tested a couple of mouth washes in the past just to see which one I would stick to the most. Even though it stings a bit, I kinda am partial to ones with alcohol since I think it is much more effective in keeping the dreaded "morning breath" at bay. But one thing I also noticed was, mouth washes aren't are a bit expensive so maybe for some people who are on a tight budget might skip this extra step for practical reasons. And when I found myself on the tight end, I had to look for a lot less expensive alternative. So, browsing along the mouthwash shelf of the supermarket I stumbled upon Swish. 

L-R: Mangosteen Mint, Arctic Chill, Peppermint Fresh, and Cinnamon Blast
Alcohol-free mouthwash was becoming a trend and this one from Unilab have some crazy flavors you wouldn't normally think possible. They have Mangosteen and Cinnamon variants something that could pique a curious mind's interest (*wink). I've tried the Peppermint Fresh before but never was too bold to try the other less traditional (hey, I already said I was on a budget so wouldn't make sense if I get two right? So I stuck with the basic :D). Unilab Held a bloggers' contest way back and I was lucky enough to have the whole Swish line as part of my prize so I got to be more adventurous and tried "Swishing" my mouth with cinnamon and mangosteen. I like cinnamon in my coffee but not gargling with it. Just felt a little weird. Especially the mangosteen It kinda tasted like a kid's cough medicine afterwards (or it's just me). They've formulated it to work as a mouthwash in a weird way but definitely not for most people expecting the minty after taste a mouth wash should give. Being on the more affordable side, this could easily fit one market sector so that's a pro. Alcohol-free could be a plus for people who have a rather low-tolerance to pain. Now for my cons. I've tested this product both ways: after brushing and just the mouth wash alone. Let me explain the latter. One night I was really tired and lazy to even do anything else.  So, even though it's a really bad habit, I forgot to brush my teeth. I was really debating in my head whether  to brush or not to brush. Bathroom's downstairs and I was too lazy to get up. Hey, Jessica Simpson claims she doesn't brush her teeth and still survives. So, taking a cue from her, I decided to just whip out the stash from my Unilab prize and gargled away. The morning after came the real verdict. I felt I had a sore throat coming on and dragon breath was just around the corner. It was bad. So I conclude based on my OWN experience, this is something that could be used as just a follow up to my regular dental routine but will not suffice me to use alone. I prefer to use the one with alcohol If I ever had to endure the same "laziness" dilemma again. But for a 60ml bottle worth just under P80.00? It's worth a try.  Who knows, you might like it for yourself :D

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  1. haven't tried this brand yet.we have Bactidol and Listerine...but I prefer to use Bactidol :)