Thursday, August 11, 2011

Product Review: Myra E Vita Moisture Lip Balm

One of the things that I really hate is dry lips. I always feel antsy every time I feel my lips are getting dry. That is why one of the things I can't go without is my trusty lip balm. Sometimes lipstick won't even suffice. I just feel naked without a properly moisturized pair of lips. Besides, our lips, like the rest of our skin, are very much prone to wrinkles and should be paid extra attention. 

Back in college, I loved lippies so much that I started making them myself and my recipe was even featured on Just G's mini mag. I remember buying Myra E gel capsules and adding it to my recipe. So I was really happy when Myra E started branching out and producing other product lines. The first time I saw this lip balm at Watsons, I've been writing a mental note to try it but never gotten around to. I was sidetracked by other lippy choices! :D Anyways, now, I can say that I'm happy I've finally gotten to try this product.

There are a couple of things I always look for when buying lip balms:
- Sun Protection Factor of at least 15(this is a must!)
- flavor/scent (considering your lips are close to your nose, it'll save you the headache if you'd get a variant you're actually fond of smelling the whole day!).
- moisturizing/healing properties (always a plus if you could have some sort of long term benefit from using it).
- and lastly, I always check how the formula would stand in cooler temperatures like in an air conditioned room. Some lip balms I tried in the past tend to harden and feel like it's just sitting on top of the lips.


Up close, it doesn't look much different from other regular lip balms out in the market and judging from the the list of its ingredients, nothing out of the ordinary. Though, I'm wondering why it has carmine? Carmine is a pigment of  bright red color. Can't see any red hue from the balm itself but the packaging is red...hmmmm :D Also, presence of mineral oil might irk out organic junkies as it is, even though the name may imply, is man-made. Also, there had been a huge debate over this oil in the cosmetic industry for a while now linking it to be comedogenic, meaning can clog pores. But, I think for lippies, it may not be that big of a deal for me. Heck, I've been using petroleum jelly on my lips ever since I can remember and I don't have any complain about it. Though, mineral oils are difficult to get absorbed by the skin and just sit on top of the surface, thus bringing truth to this balm's promise to lock in moisture. Let the Vitamin E do the moisturizing and the mineral oil and other waxes to lock it in. :D

I do love the instant moisturizing effect it delivers to my lips. Remember the feeling every time we've spent too much time in the bath tub or in the pool and our fingers starts to turn into a prune? The feeling is the same when I apply this balm on my lips. Sort of like warm but still tolerable. An indication that the moisturizing effect is actually taking place (but if redness and swelling goes hand in hand it might already be an allergic reaction to one of the ingredients) other than that, the warm sensation should go away in a matter of seconds. One thing I wish though is that it could come in other flavors because as of now, it is only available in Vanilla and Cherry. It also doesn't say the SPF level it contains. It just says "with Vitamin E and SPF" on the box.

So have you also tried Myra E Vita Moisture Lip Balm? Whatdayathink? :D

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  1. Can you share us how to make lipstick too. ^_^
    I have a dark lips.. Maybe I really have to use lip balms...

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