Friday, August 19, 2011

Mail!!!!My New Toy has Arrived! :D

Giddy, giddy, giddy, antsy, giddy, giddy...yup that's what I've been feeling while awaiting a certain package. Then, Tadaaaaa!

Yip! My first ever non-neutral eyeshadow palette from Props Tools and Cosmetics! It was carefully wrapped too to prevent any damage to the pans. :D Brace yourselves for more photos. Let's take a closer look shall we?
Matte Box Casing
The actual palette casing is shrink wrapped still to protect the logo and the case from scratches.
The casing is made of shiny plastic material also known as ze fingerprint magnet. :D

And now, for the good stuff! First time opening this I was COLOR-gasmic! (if there is such a word!tee-hee). I got the 88pc. Original Matte Palette but some shades had more of a satin finish to them. I originally was lemming for their 56 combi palette that includes 50 eyeshadow shades of both matte and shimmer finish plus 6 shades of blushes. Would have been a great deal but I was told that it was out of stock and replenishment was still undetermined. So I just got the next best thing. I was actually torn between this or the Carnival palette which features more of the avant-garde  shades. Weighing out the pros and the cons, this won since the colors and finish would be more suitable for everyday wear especially for someone like me who's still beginning to experiment with eye colors.
Initially I thought the pans were fairly large. But as seen here, it's even smaller than a 25 cent coin. But it's okay considering I don't use eyeshadow everyday. I may not even be able to finish all of these! Now, on to some swatches...
One thing I noticed while I was researching this palette is that few rarely gave swatches of the lighter colors so I did one myself. It may come off a bit chalky but nothing a good primer can't fix. I'm surprised though, the color pay off was okay. The lighter shades still showed even though I just lightly ran my finger over the pan.

Black wasn't as pigmented as I expected. But you could layer it on if you want it more intense.

The brighter shades did leave a stain on my skin after I tried to remove it with wet wipes.
I was not fond of the flimsy packaging which made it fragile for traveling. I needed to keep one bubble wrap just to be careful. The cheap plastic holding the eyeshadow pans were a bit of a surprise as well as I thought the whole thing is made of the same material as that of the casing. Oh well, as long as it stays in place I'm fine to let this slip.
It included a mirror large enough to comfortably apply your eye makeup. Two Eyeshadow applicators were also present. I've read through blogs that when they removed the applicators from the holders, it won't go back in. So, I just didn't bother to take them out. I won't be using them anyways since I'd rather use my trustee Suesh eyeshadow brush. :D
The ingredients are listed at the back of the box. The print is large enough to help you point out if you're by any chance allergic to some of its ingredients. Again, this is not for the organic junkies as it contains parabens (preservatives) and mineral oils. Might not be ideal also for expecting moms as there had been discussions connecting parabens to the development of babies. But that's for another topic. Parabens are abundant in everything after all. Try looking at labels and you'll see what I mean. I do suggest you use a good primer underneath so the eyeshadow stick to it rather than directly at your skin (*wink) just a tip.

You might notice that this certain kind of palette looks oddly familiar with that of other brands. That is because they all come from the same manufacturer and are just carried over by different brand names. If you would like to purchase from Props Tools and Cosmetics, you may do so by visiting their facebook page at this link. This palette retails for P750 (approx. US$17.44) exclusive of shipping fee. So if you'll excuse me, I'll be playing with my new toy now. Till next time! :D


  1. weee! congrats sis! EOTD na! :D

  2. nice naman! i'll order nga. kakainggit haha. :P