Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Stylin' with Benefits

It's summer and the extreme heat ain't doing anything good for my hair. The ends are starting to dry out and it is in desperate need for some TLC. Then I remembered the Hair Keratin Treatment voucher I availed through Ensogo a while back will be expiring soon so I went ahead and called Benefit Style Salon to book for an appointment.

The voucher's last day of eligibility was April 30, 2011 so I called in April 28 to schedule a 2pm slot but was told that was already booked and she suggested the 12:30pm slot instead so I agreed. Benefit Style Salon is located at the 2nd Floor of Eastwood Citywalk, Fashion Square Building across from Gloss Nails and Sambokojin Restaurant. I'm from Cavite and I don't exactly go to Eastwood quite often. In fact, I've only been there once for a night out with my girlfriends so, I'm basically going there blindfolded hoping to find the salon's location. I also did not anticipate the traffic going there from Cubao so when my appointment time was drawing near, I got antsy and texted them I'll be running late and inquired if there's still another slot for the day I can book. I then found out I was not listed for the 12:30pm appointment after all so I was pretty bummed out. But then, I got a call from Sam Escalante herself informing me that they would still be open to accommodate me even if I did not get an appointment but had to be on the waiting list. So, I thank her and began contemplating whether to push through with it or not due to the fact that I have been roaming around Eastwood for a couple of hours already and was getting lost by the minute. At around 3pm (and a couple of maps and mall directories later) I was able to finally arrive at my destination. I had my camera with me and was meaning to get some pictures for this post but I decided to make this sort of an undercover review to test Benefit Style Salon's customer service. It started off a bit shaky at first when they missed to book me for 12:30pm but when the owner herself called me up to ensure me I'm still welcome to drop by, it showed that they really value their clients and an indication of a great customer service! :D The Salon's interiors were fun and colorful not intimidating like that of other high-end salons. I really liked how they would go to great lengths to make their waiting customers feel at home and comfortable by offering them something to drink or something to snack on while waiting for their turn. They also have free wi-fi and loads of magazines to browse through so you don't get anxious. Considering I did not have an appointment, I was accommodated in just a couple of minutes (to be exact, after I finished reading a whole MEG Magazine issue). :D
Shampoo was first on the list. Usually I find those chairs with sinks uncomfortable and I would get stiff neck while getting my hair shampooed but Benefit's was a little different. They did not have chairs with sinks but beds with sinks! :D You no longer have to tilt your head back on a chair. You just have to lie there with your back fully supported. I seriously wanted to doze off while having my hair cleaned! It was that comfortable. 

Since I also availed of the hair cut voucher, that was next on the agenda. My hairdresser for the day was Mr. Rusty (I'm not sure if I got the spelling right please do inform me :D). He made sure to ask me how I wanted my new hair cut to look like and so I rambled on and on how I wanted to hide my big square face. Then he proceeded with the cut. Next up was the Keratin Treatment. It was done with the same guy who shampooed my hair (sorry If I did not get his name). One thing I loved was how light his hands were in treating my hair. No painful tugs. :D Another real treat was from Mona's healing hands. The free neck and back massage was awesome I wanted more! (I so want to get a massage with my sister soon!).

All-in-all I had to say, I was happy to have come after all. Sam, together with team benefits were extremely nice and accommodating and I liked how they gave me a Good GREAT customer service all the way through. I finally had my sister take a picture of my new hair cut a couple of hours after I left the salon:

If you would like to see how cozy and cute Benefit Salon is, you could take a look at another blogger's experience right here:

Till next time! :D


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