Sunday, May 22, 2011

Cat on the Loose: Bobbi Brown Bye Bye, Dark Circles Event

"Good night, good night! parting is such sweet sorrow, That I shall say good night till it be morrow." Hmmm...could Juliet be addressing something else other than Romeo? Could be. All those sleepless nights worrying about their feuding families and their forbidden romance could already have been evident on her precious peepers. Same problem we all ladies (and some men too!) share fast forwarding to the 21st century. Yup, parting is such sweet sorrow but parting with your under eye dark circles is even sweeter! :D So when I heard about the Bobbi Brown Bye Bye Dark Circles Event happening May 18, 2011 at the Rustan's Makati Grand Mall area, I immediately signed up!

Meet Bobbi Brown! :D
For some of you who's not aware who Bobbi Brown is, she is a New York-bred MUA, and mother of three, who started developing her own cosmetics line some ten years ago, following her own vision of what the beauty industry should be like. Her first product was an unperfumed nude lipstick, the first ever Bobbi Brown Lip Color. It was a massive success and the Bobbi Brown revolution went from strength to strength, becoming a watchword for natural beauty. She believes in the philosophy "Looking like yourself, only better.". Now, isn't that reason enough for us ladies to have faith in this brand? :D Amongst others, Bobbi's specialty is the skin. That's why she puts more attention on her foundations. According to her, Foundation is the basis for all make-up, only once you've got the skin perfect, can you start applying colour. Makes perfect sense. Bobbi Brown is also one of the first few to use yellow as base for her foundation formulations, something we, Asians, could very well benefit from since most of us have yellow undertones.

This event served as a re-launch for Bobbi Brown's newly formulated concealer and corrector. It has now a lighter consistency and longer staying power perfect for warm and humid countries like the Philippines. Also, New York based Bobbi Brown Beauty Team artist, Kai Vinson flew in to help us with our dark circles dilemma.

Bobbi Brown makeup artists helped us find the perfect shade of color corrector and concealer. Noel was the one who assisted me that day. He is based in Singapore and is super nice to answer all of our beauty questions.

with Noel after I said bye bye to my dark circles :D

Before applying the corrector and camouflaging the under eye circles, Noel applied eye cream under my eyes with a cotton swab to provide moisture and minimize the appearance of lines and wrinkles. My model for these steps is Eenah as I was not able to take pictures of my own transformation. :D

Then, they will determine which is your foundations shade by swatching along your jawline. Concealer shade should be the same color as your foundation.

Based on your concealer shade, the MUA will determine which shade of corrector to use. The corrector plays an important role in hiding those pesky dark circles. He then applies it using a concealer brush. I asked Noel if there is a rule as to which point below the eyes should we apply concealer and he told me up until where the dark circles are.

Major Transformation! Eenah's left eye compared to her bare right one. Photo Credits to Lori (

Then, after the consultation, Noel helped me fill out a form indicating my shades for the corrector and concealer so it'll be easier for me next time I visit the Bobbi Brown counter for purchases. Can you see it?

I've taken loads of pictures during the event so get ready for more cam whoring after the jump!

A never-to-miss photo op beside the bye bye dark circles back drop ha ha!

with Kath of and Trina of thebestsoylatteandme YouTube Channel

Photo Booth courtesy of Super Photos and More

The Bobbi Brown beauty arsenal to help you achieve that Bobbi Brown Philosophy

Kai Vinson in Action!

with Lori whom I've gotten to meet before at another event.

Check out Lori's blog too!

Lovely Kath after her consultation

Trina about to get her transformation! :D

Bye Bye Dark Circles!

Food! Yum!

A more refreshed Lori! "Purfect!" hehehe...

The bloggers who attended the event. Thanks Charles for the invite! (even though, technically, we invited ourselves haha!)

First time meeting Sugar! Next time I'll make sure to wear heels. This girl is super tall! :D

Tadaaah!!! Charles after her makeover. Even prettier!

Also, thanks to Bobbi Brown Philippines' manager Mona Borromeo for inviting us bloggers to this wonderful and "eye-opening" event. :D

Kai Vinson answering all the bloggers' beauty questions. This was also the first time I found out Bobbi Brown also carry BB creams! I so want to try that soon! And him giving us a very special sneak peek of future innovations from Bobbi Brown which I was pretty excited about.

I would not dare pass this opportunity to take a picture with Kai! :D

After our consultation, we received a special gift from Bobbi Brown - a very compact Classic Day palette which reminds me very much of the pretty powerful palette. It has all the basic color a girl needs for everyday use. I love it! Thanks Bobbie Brown!

Make sure to visit Bobbi Brown counters located at Rustan's Makati (813-3739 loc. 225) and Rustan's Shangri-La Mall (633-4636) so you too could say Bye Bye, Dark Circles! :D


  1. nyaha. Thanks gurl! Purrfect it is! haha. :))

    hope to see you on other vents. go beauties! ;)

    do you have that picture of me & Kai? :)

  2. i dunno know kung nag-post yung comment ko. pero great post you have here! :)

    see you on other events! ^__^

    do you have a pic of me & Kai? :)

  3. thank you for posting the pictures dear! :) i have to commend you for organizing everything in such an orderly manner and great post! :D

    NOTE: if you girls are going to wear heels. i'll wear heels too. :p

  4. Lori- Thanks Girl! Sadly no. wala sa camera ko yung picture nyo ni Kai. Wala ba sayo? Or it must have been with the other girls. :(

    Sugar- You're welcome!And thanks! Daya mo dapat pag nag heels kami flats ka na lang! hahaha... :p

  5. awesome post and looks like y'all had fun! Stay pretty!

    I'm your new follower! :)

  6. @makeup,hauls,and anything under the sun! - Thanks and welcome! :D

  7. Too bad I didn't get to go, the event looked so interesting! Thanks for sharing.:)

  8. @Tiffiefum-you're welcome!:D it was indeed a fun event and it was nice meeting new faces. Don't worry dear, there's always next time. :D