Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Product Review: Cutex Caring Nail Polish Remover

I've been into nail polishes and nail art this year just because I only started growing my nails this year (that and also I am a certified late bloomer! :D). I know that using acetone alone could be harmful to my nails. But the rate I'm going changing nail polish colors, acetone would be a much affordable choice, or so I thought. It dawned onto me that in the long run, I'm not doing my nails any favor. If I continue hurting them, I might only end up buying more nail repair products in the future. So, out with acetone and in with this product (I guess it still has acetone but only a minimal amount :D).

Cutex Caring Nail Polish Remover 59ml(2 Fl oz)
Price: P59.75 (approx. $1.36)
Place bought: Watson's SM Bacoor

When I first saw this brand I thought it was a Filipino brand mainly because of  how we always pertain to nail polishes as "kutiks" hehehe...But actually, Cutex is owned by Prestige Brands, an American company that manufactures personal care and home cleaning products. It was formed by the merger of Medtech Products, Inc., Prestige Brands International, and The Spic and Span Company.

The bottle is sealed shut to prevent the product from evaporating.

I personally preferred to just punch a small hole through the seal and not take it all off altogether.

Then I took a piece of cotton pad and put in a tad amount of nail polish remover.

let it sit over your nail for a few seconds

in a single swipe, almost all trace of the nail polish was completely gone!

The initial amount I've put on the cotton pad effectively removed the color from 3 of the fingers and I had to replenish to clean off the remaining two from one hand. Also, this product smells citrusy mainly because it has orange oil listed as one of the ingredients, not the usual chemical smell of acetone (but for some, it could still be a little overpowering). It also did not leave a white film on my nails which is a good thing. Given the price tag, I'd say it's a great buy and it does the job effectively so no moolah ( a slang word for "money") was wasted :D. There are still some other brands I'd like to try after I finish this off and the one from Orly is next on my list. How about you, what's your favorite Nail polish remover?


  1. i like the face shop's nail polish remover because it doesn't dry my nails out. :)

  2. which one do you use the red one or the blue one? Yup I'm eyeing to try that one too. Thanks for sharing sugar sugar! :D

  3. lol for the 'kutiks' hehe cute:))