Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mario Badescu: The first encounter (Glycolic Foaming Cleanser)

I got interested in this brand after I read Liz's blog post (Project Vanity) about an MB haul. It was also her first time to try anything from the brand. The brand name sounded familiar but I could not remember specifically where I heard it before. When I learned it was being sold at Rustan's, my initial expectation was expensive. Though reading on through her post, I was surprised at how reasonably-priced their products are. I was curious.

Around that time, I had been breaking out badly. I tried the Benzoyl Peroxide regimen and it worked well in controlling them at first. But as I progressed, the dry skin build up brought about by the BP began clogging my pores resulting to cystic acne. Hurts even more! The regimen recommended using AHA to slough off the dead skin cells but I have no idea where I could purchase one. The BP regimen was so limiting. Dedication is the key. This brought me to research more about Glycolic acid. I searched high and low for a local moisturizer with glycolic acid. 10% to be exact. But no luck. Then, I went to Mario Badescu's website to see if they offer such a product. I stumbled upon the Glycolic Foaming Cleanser. 
Retails for Php945 (approx. US$21)

Really wanted to get the Glycolic gel but it was too pricey for a first time purchase. So I went and got the cleanser instead. Of course, the curious cat that I am could not wait to get home to try this stuff. I was excited. I did have two cystic acne already present on both sides of my face near the ears ( parts where I usually breakout). After using this, I was amazed. The other cystic acne near my right ear was flat. This might seem too good to be true but I'm not exaggerating. My skin was smoother as opposed to the rough texture I had before. I could not put a finger on it but I could not help but stare at my skin on the mirror (flabbergasted!). Then, an MB baby was born. Hahaha... I was hooked!

Most people don't like Mario Badescu's packaging because it's so simple. But I like that they focus more on quality of the product. The foldable spout on the bottle is actually nice. Reminds me of the Coleman water jug that was a big hit when I was in grade school. :D It's more convenient than having to constantly screw and unscrew a bottle cap.

The glycolic foaming cleanser smells familiar to me too. I've smelled it before when I was a kid and I remember it also being a facial cleanser or being something to be used on the face but I'm not getting a visual on the exact product. Frustrating! Anyhoo, the cleanser lathers really well and you only need as small as a pea size drop to cover the entire face. I just love how clean my face feels after using this but not tight and dry. I have been using this for less than a month now, alternating with a gentle cleanser and so far so good. I love this cleanser! The bottle is 177ml so rest assured this will last me a very long time.

You could find Mario Badescu at Rustan's Essences (the entrance near Glorietta 4 across the MAC counter) you would not miss it as it is easily visible from the entrance. One thing though, when I went to Rustan's (Makati) I asked if they have samples of some of the items I want to road test first like the eye creams and stuff, they weren't able to provide me some. Bummer! None was the answer each and every time. That was annoying to tell you the truth. I don't want to invest on something that I would find out later would not work for me or worse will break me out. That's why a sample is a deal breaker or maker for me. So if you are a company and you're reading this, DON'T SKIMP ON SAMPLES. We are not all billionaires. We want to know if we are investing our hard-earned money on the right products that actually works for us. :D

So what Mario Badescu product has worked for you and you could not absolutely live without?


  1. very interesting sis! I might buy this for my eldest son :)

  2. How old is he? MB has lots of cleanser sis! This one is sort of the 2x, 3x a week cleanser. :D

  3. this makes my face feel very tight for some reason i don't understand,what am I doing wrong or is my skin just sensitive to it hmmm?

  4. hi rebecca! thanks for dropping a comment! May I ask what is your skin type? and how many times do you use it every day?