Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Return of the Comeback!...and a brief review of Cure Aqua Gel :D

Aptly titled. Yes, I'm back! Raised from the ashes! :D I haven't been blogging for a while because I was a bit preoccupied with other stuff going on in my life and tons of stuff I want to do a review on has been piling up like crazy. I need to start writing fast! :D Anyways, I'd first like to thank Beauty Carousel for holding a very entertaining game on facebook a while back called pick a box win a prize. I played and I won a k-palette nail file. I know it's just something minor but I appreciate it nonetheless. I wasn't even expecting that my prize would reach me and that it will once again get sucked inside the PhilPost blackhole ( I guess I'm making it pretty clear: I don't have that much faith in the Philippine postal service as customs in the Philippines is extremely corrupt and some people thinking that it's okay to declare somebody else's property theirs). But then lo and behold, last Jul 20, I noticed a white envelope sticking between the grills of our fence. It was from Japalang and it was indeed my prize.

I was extra pleased because I had requested, along with my prize, some samples of Cure Aqua Gel. Something I have been wanting to try forever.

The nail file from k-palette resembles that of the free matchsticks you would usually get at some restaurants. I'll be keeping this inside my bag for emergency nail filing dilemmas hahaha.. :D

I've already tried the Cure Aqua Gel and I fell in love once again. I would always rid of dead facial skin through light oil peels back then and would endure a red face afterwards that I would try so hard to conceal with correcting powders. But with Cure, I instantly forgot what facial peels where! :D It was amazing to see dead debris come off that easily and how fresh and clean my face feels after. Moisturizer potency have also increased as it now gets easily absorbed by the skin after exfoliating. A small amount is already enough for the entire face and works just as great applied to other parts of the body that needs exfoliating. I'm happy and will definitely buy me a full size of this! Did you have the same experience with Cure? Share it with us, I sure would love to hear your stories! :D


  1. sis! you're so lucky sa mga contests! ahahaha!great review for the cure aqua gel...i have my eye on it for quite sometime now kaso mejo expensive kse, kaya waiting mode ako! :)

  2. btw, cute background and banner ah :)

  3. hahaha...until recently lang naman. Dati ala talagang luck so I just join and end up forgetting about it. Very thankful ako if I get lucky. :D the new page is still a work in progress nga e. Wanted something more colorful.. :D Thanks! See you soon! :D

  4. Thanks for reviewing the Cure Aqua Gel, something I'd like to try in the future. Good luck on your win! - Mar

  5. Hi Mar! Thanks for visiting my site! Checked out your site too and am already following. Yey! all we curvy women stand up and represent! :D