Thursday, February 17, 2011

Product Review: K-Palette 24-hr Real Lasting Eyeliner (Waterproof)

So, this year I'm trying to put more emphasis on my eye and really am concentrating on perfecting my eyelining technique. As part of this goal, I am on a mission to find the best smudge proof and waterproof eyeliner out there especially for girls who have oil mine for a lid such as mine (hehehe..). It was in my older sister's kikay kit where I first saw the eyeliner in a pen form. This one's from E.L.F. I was so curious that I had to try it out (but that is for another review...). Unfortunately the eyeliner did not last long on my oily lids. So I was scouring the net for various brands that has the eyeliner in the same pen form when I came upon this...

K-Palette 24-hr Real Lasting Eyeliner

Price: P900.00 (P50 shipping fee included)

Bought from:

According to the K-Palette website:

K-Palette 24H Real Lasting Eyeliner-Best-selling Liquid eyeliner
Stunning eyes lasting for 24 hours!

This long-wearing liquid eyeliner gives guaranteed results in its ability to withstand humid weather
and punishing dryness of our air-conditioned interiors. Its water-resistant polymer molecule
intimately adheres to your skin and the highlighted eyeliner stays on the entire day. Superior fast
drying properties allow for immediate use of eyelash curlers.

Its magic lies in its patented ultrafine micro-fiber soft-brush application which ensures that the liquid
eyeliner does not drip messily or draw heavily on your eyelids. This provides the ease and freedom
of drawing that fine eyeline to the outer corner of your eye. Even beginners can simply draw the
ideal natural-looking eyeline.

You need not compromise on the care for the delicate area. The eyeliner is made of a unique
conditioning formula consisting of sage essence, pantenol and chamomile essence, and would not
irritate even the most sensitive of eyes.

Enough said, let's move on to the actual road test. Here is a swatch of the eyeliner pen on the back of my hand just to show you how easy it is to make both thin and thick lines with this thing.

tried rubbing it off my hand as hard as I could but it won't budge!

Here's a swatch of it applied on my eyes, or shall I say Oil mine? :D
(excuse my attempt to achieve a perfect wing it's still a work in progress and the shiny face I just did my quarterly face peel.)
I left it on for an hour and this is what I got. I got some creasing and the wing I did flaked! I was totally disappointed.
For the waterproof part, I poured some water on the swatch I did on my hand and tried rubbing it off again...
It came off without a hitch so I'm not sure about it being waterproof either.

All-in-all, I think this kind of eyeliner is not suitable for people with oily lids like mine. Maybe if you apply an eye primer prior to lining will make this tolerable and work. But I think I might have to stick to gel liners for the moment. Who knows, this product might work better for you than it did for me, so if you have cash to shell out, as this is a little hefty, go ahead and give it a try. (",)

* I've gotten to try this pen over my eyeshadows and I must say it held its own. And yes, it's better to use a primer or have something underneath so the liner could hold onto something. :D

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