Thursday, February 24, 2011


Yesterday, I was supposed to go to Alabang Town Center for a meeting but it got cancelled at the very last minute. So instead of all my preparations going to waste, I decided to drop by SM Bacoor instead to buy some food for my cats. As usual, my trip to the mall would not be complete without checking out the beauty counters. I've been actually lemming to buy an eye make up remover that could remove those stubborn waterproof mascaras (I usually use q-tip and petroleum jelly, but it's too time consuming). So when I saw this one from maybelline I decided to give it a try. Also, I got a nose pore strip from Glam works I haven't tried  this one before, but then again, I haven't tried one for a very long time since the last one I tried from a brand I forgot, was much of a waste since it didn't stick at all lest remove any black or whiteheads. I was also intrigued by this Firming and lifting serum I saw from pure beauty so I decided to buy one to test it's effectivity.

So, what's your latest beauty haul? Care to share? Good Day! :D

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