Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Product Review: Real Techniques Stippling Brush

For an artist, his tools are probably his best friend. For a makeup artist, it is her/his makeup brushes. This is one tool you should probably invest in more and yes dolls, quality DOES matter.

In my case, I can never get enough of them. I'm always interested on new ones that come out and with Real Techniques who has gotten great raves from all types of review, my curiosity got the best of me!

I've never own a stippling brush before this one because I've put so much faith on my beauty blender for flawless foundation application. But then again, cleaning the beauty blender is never an easy feat. The stains could be an OC's worst nightmare. So, everyone was saying how a stippling brush could achieve almost the same effect as that of an airbrush machine and it is very easy to clean, I was instantly on the hunt for the perfect stippling brush. That was the tricky part. I've read different people's experience with theirs shedding badly and leaving streaks when they apply makeup. I had to do extra research.

Stumbling upon Real Techniques, I was sold by two points: 1)Endorsed and is a brainchild of a popular Youtube guru-Sam Chapman, half of Pixiwoo 2) very affordable yet of high quality. If it disappoints, less tears would be shed :) So, I went on multiply.com to look for local reseller of the brush. 

I bought mine from yourfabfindsonline.multiply.com from their pre-order service at Php 650.00 (approx. US$15.00). I had to wait a couple of weeks before it got to me but I guess the waiting only "amped up the ante"! hahaha...

The brush is purely synthetic. In fact, all Real Techniques brushes are made from synthetic fiber (cruel-free!). Now, for the true girly girls out there, the color would be enough to get hook on this brush--it's pink and shiny! :D The appearance is totally something I've never seen before in a makeup brush. The body of the brush is almost completely ferrule (probably aluminum) except for the base which is made of rubber to provide a  better grip and is flat at the bottom so you're able to stand the brush on a flat surface (very innovative!).

I've had this now for 3 months and I consider this as one of my favorites by now. Though I rarely used this for foundation simply because the head itself is a bit small. I love this for finishing powders, blushes (cream and powder), and contouring/bronzing powders. The brush picks up just the right amount of product so you have more control on how much you put on your face ideal for really pigmented products.

The head is small but quite dense. I've already washed this numerous times and so far no shedding for me! Dries really quickly. Great, especially if you're to use this for several purposes.

My problem with regular brushes is come deep cleaning time. I have to be extra careful when running the brush heads under running water careful not to let the water sip through the short ferrule as it may loosen the glue that holds the head from its wooden body. With this one, I don't have to worry much. Practically pain-free to wash!

I love this brush so much I'm planning to buy several back-ups and probably try other brushes from Real Techniques especially their Core Collection.

If you haven't tried any of their brushes, I suggest you should! Highly recommend it. :D

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  1. I want to include this in my collection, I think its super soft!
    ~Pauline @Kallony