Thursday, December 8, 2011

Purederm 3 in1 Beauty Magic BB Cream

I've already done a review on Purederm's other variant of this BB cream in the past right here. While that one has shimmer in it, this one is the matte version. I'm sure by now y'all are familiar with BB creams. The multi-tasking pseudo-foundation that first gain popularity in Korea. BB Creams have the coverage like that of tinted moisturizers with SPF of a sunscreen and other skin care benefits. If you're always in a hurry and is a busy bee, BB creams might make your life easier. Though not all BB creams are created equal. Most of them come off too white for the Filipina skin and not all skin types react pleasantly to it. Purederm's BB Creams are quite affordable compared to others out in the market and is much more accessible to the public. Compared to the Pearl variant I've reviewed before which looks ashy, off the tube, this one has a yellow undertone.

This used to retail for Php600+ but I chanced upon this at Watson's Makati for half the price at Php329 so I decided to pick this up and try it out. I really wanted it for the SPF factor and I thought it be a perfect base to even out my skin tone. But this is quite deceiving. If you'll see below, the yellow undertone sort of vanishes when this BB cream is spread out. It turns almost white. So, you'd have to be careful from applying too much. A pea size might be safe enough, but then again, with that much you should not expect much coverage with this thing. 

The cap isn't great either. As tight as you screw it on, you always end up with a messy tube.

I'm glad I got this at a sale price otherwise, I'd be so pissed off. I still have to find a way to work this out for me so it won't go to waste. Any suggestion?

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