Thursday, December 1, 2011

First attempt at a Pre-order

Hi y'all! Just wanted to share what I got on my first ever pre-order attempt. Now, my first international purchase left me traumatized as the goods never reached me (blame it on the corrupt Philippine Postal System). I'm guessing somebody from the post office thought that all packages that come in there is free for all. Sad fact but true. Anyways, since then, I'm always on the fence on buying items abroad specifically in the US by myself. So I looked for other ways I could without all the heartbreak. Then I decided to give pre-order a try. There are a couple of small businesses on multiply who offers this service. So I began researching and asked for quotations. Out of all the ones I asked, Fab Finds was the one who gave me the lowest quotes.

Considering this is my first attempt, I was still scared. So I tested the waters first and started with just two items. Things I really wanted to try and is not available here in the Philippines.
Two items I got from Walmart: Phillips' Milk of Magnesia, which got great raves as a face mattifyer/primer and the Hard Candy Glamoflauge heavy duty concealer. The latter is being compared to or if not better than that of the Makeup Forever Full Cover concealer. Well, the hard candy one being way cheaper than MUFE (retails for US$6 at Walmart) is already a Pro for me. Plus, each Glamoflauge concealer comes with a free concealer pencil inside the box! Now that is quite the deal, though I'd have to test first if it does live up to all the hype.

I'll be road-testing these two and update you guys soon. :D

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  1. Hi. Where did you purchase the hard candy product? I cant find other online shops who sell the same thing. Huhu. Please help.